Happy Halloween!!

I’ve been so in the Halloween spirit all month prepping for today!

photo[4]I carved a pumpkin


Got an awesome costume together with minimal effort.

Made Halloween decorations from scratch:

Credit: Erin

Credit: Erin

Had some extra burlap....obv

Had some extra burlap….obv

Stole Halloween decorations from bars:

photo[8]photo[6]Watched the best movie ever.


Bought some candy for the trick-or-treaters that probably won’t come. Do NYC kids trick-or-treat?


And ate a fun-size Snickers bar for breakfast today. I am ready.


It’s almost time!

Halloween is tomorrow, and I’ve already watched Hocus Pocus so I’m in full spirit. But if you STILL don’t have a costume because you’re boring, you can do what I did and reuse an old idea – but with a new vision.

I love my pumpkin costume, but I’ve already worn it twice, so this year I decided to change it up a little by attaching strobe lights to my body.

The essential for this costume is obvi my pumpkin-top head band – best thing I’ve ever made.

photo[1]Then I stocked up on light-up necklaces from CVS…

photo[6]…Got some safety pins and a friend who wasn’t afraid to pin lights to my boobs


And voila! Epilepsy pumpkin was born:



Sorry I’m Fly

Halloween came a little early for my ladies and me last weekend. So if you still haven’t found a costume, here’s some inspiration from Ally.

All you need is a Forever 21, a TJ Maxx, a street vendor, a vision and all of this can be yours:

photo[1] photo[3] photo[4]

The final product:

photo photo2 photo3What exactly is she dressed as? Whatever you want her to be….

Ghetto Harry Potter

Ghetto Harry Potter

Ode to Sandy on her birthday

hurricane-sandy12There’s this girl I hate. She ruined my life (and Halloween) exactly one year ago today. This is her story.

First we got the news that she was coming

3qysp9And since I AM THE NEWS, I was summoned to work 18-hour days while everyone got a week’s vacation…

Stolen from Alyssa

Stolen from Alyssa

But the great rains were coming


East River


East River

So I had to evacuate my home and become a refugee in Williamsburg where Sandy didn’t even bother to go because she’s such a betch. All the way to Brooklyn on a week night, no way.

Screen shot 2013-10-22 at 4.55.20 PMBut we were running out of supplies and had resorted to eating disgusting pies. And since the bridges and tunnels closed, and the subways flooded, we were forced to walk home on Halloween day to restock.

Post-Sandy rainbow

Crossing the bridge

Crossing the bridge

Lower Manhattan was not a pretty sight

Lower East Side has Indian food!

Lower East Side has Indian food!

Stuy Town, USA

Stuy Town, USA

But we came out of it eventually

Post-Sandy rainbow

Post-Sandy rainbow

Thanks to our leaders

....Back when Mitt Romney was relevant

Mitt Romney jokes were so in at the time

And we got a nice rent abatement. So happy birthday, Sandy. Thanks for the memories.

Halloween tips from your friendly HR team!

I regrettably do not belong to the Society for Human Resource Management, but lucky I have a man on the inside. That man is HR professional extraordinaire, Ally.

the-office-halloween-party_600x400Thanks to her membership to this exclusive underground society, I’ve been granted access to this important piece of literature: “Can the ‘Naughty Nurse’ and Modern Workplace Coexist?”

In preparation for Halloween falling on a week day, I’d like to break down some of the main points:

HR managers and employer attorneys offer the following advice to companies that want to create policies for Halloween costumes and parties:

1. Provide examples of inappropriate costumes for the workplace, such as costumes that exaggerate body parts, those that reveal too much of the body, men and women dressed as the opposite sex, terrorist get-ups, or ethnic, religious or race-based costumes.”

Here are some examples of BAD costumes according to SHRM:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

2. Caution employees of hospitals or other health care organizations that images of ghosts, graves, skeletons and blood don’t go over well in health care settings.”

The “naughty nurse” could be confusing in a hospital setting.

I am unsure which one of these is my real nurse

I am unsure which one of these is my real nurse

This is offensive to the guy who actually looks like this

This is offensive to the guy who actually looks like this

3. Request that workers avoid donning political costumes that could be offensive.”


4. Be careful with topical costumes, and don’t chase people. “Wearing a ‘pink slip’ over clothing and chase co-workers around might not be funny given the current unemployment rate.”

pb-111031-ows-01.pinkslip-750x4845. And the trick to getting Halloween off:

If Halloween offends some workers, offer to let them work at home or take the day off.”

I HATE IT, and I'm going home

I HATE IT, and I’m going home

Here’s some extra reading if you want to be SUPER informed:

Allowing Halloween Costumes at Work Can Be Tricky

Halloween Celebrations Can Lead to Scary Situations 

Happy October!

I’m too lazy and busy to actually write anything original, so look back on my old Halloween posts and get a costume idea now so you don’t have to settle for dressing up as Miley Cyrus at the VMAs with the rest of America.


Worst Halloween ever

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Childhood Gems

Other worst Halloween ever

Peter Pan

Spice Girls



Happy non-Halloween for the second year in a row

The gods out there apparently hate Halloween and all that is fun because for the second year in a row nature has killed it. I feel bad for the little kids who won’t be able to trick-or-treat yet again, but I mostly feel bad for me. I was looking forward to wearing my awesome costume one more time this year and experiencing NYC Halloween. But instead I’m dressed as a refugee in Williamsburg (which by the way was left unscathed). That’s okay, at least I get to look forward to the 14-hour days I’ve been working! Maybe next year we’ll get some wild fires and go really crazy in 2013.


Debbie Downer

Natasha will not see the light of day again this Halloween: