Halloween tips from your friendly HR team!

I regrettably do not belong to the Society for Human Resource Management, but lucky I have a man on the inside. That man is HR professional extraordinaire, Ally.

the-office-halloween-party_600x400Thanks to her membership to this exclusive underground society, I’ve been granted access to this important piece of literature: “Can the ‘Naughty Nurse’ and Modern Workplace Coexist?”

In preparation for Halloween falling on a week day, I’d like to break down some of the main points:

HR managers and employer attorneys offer the following advice to companies that want to create policies for Halloween costumes and parties:

1. Provide examples of inappropriate costumes for the workplace, such as costumes that exaggerate body parts, those that reveal too much of the body, men and women dressed as the opposite sex, terrorist get-ups, or ethnic, religious or race-based costumes.”

Here are some examples of BAD costumes according to SHRM:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

2. Caution employees of hospitals or other health care organizations that images of ghosts, graves, skeletons and blood don’t go over well in health care settings.”

The “naughty nurse” could be confusing in a hospital setting.

I am unsure which one of these is my real nurse

I am unsure which one of these is my real nurse

This is offensive to the guy who actually looks like this

This is offensive to the guy who actually looks like this

3. Request that workers avoid donning political costumes that could be offensive.”


4. Be careful with topical costumes, and don’t chase people. “Wearing a ‘pink slip’ over clothing and chase co-workers around might not be funny given the current unemployment rate.”

pb-111031-ows-01.pinkslip-750x4845. And the trick to getting Halloween off:

If Halloween offends some workers, offer to let them work at home or take the day off.”

I HATE IT, and I'm going home

I HATE IT, and I’m going home

Here’s some extra reading if you want to be SUPER informed:

Allowing Halloween Costumes at Work Can Be Tricky

Halloween Celebrations Can Lead to Scary Situations 


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