Feeling Halloweenie (part 3)

This year, my Halloween weekend has been cut short by my cousin’s wedding – I guess she figured “bride” was the best Halloween costume. Anyway she’s getting married Saturday, which only gives me Friday night to dress up, so I didn’t want to go crazy with my costume this year. I took an inventory of my wardrobe and was inspired by my green pumpkin costume tights and brown boots. Peter Pan it is.

I went to the craft store and for 10 bucks, I got everything else I needed. I’m probably just going to wear it to the wedding seeing as it’s way cute, and it’s warmer than the dress I bought – bet you thought you would dodge snow on your wedding day by getting married in October. Apparently not.

What you need –


  • Green T-shirt
  • Brown shorts
  • Green tights
  • Brown boots
  • Brown Belt
  • Brown suede cord
  • Scissors
  • 20 minutes and a semi-steady hand


  • Green Felt
  • Red feather
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors
  • The artistic ability of a kindergartner¬†

This whole thing probably took me a half hour to make, if that. It’s the easiest Halloween costume I’ve ever made, and I love it. I want to wear it to work everyday. All you have to do is cut the bottom of the shirt and the sleeves into points. Then cut a deep V into the neckline and weave the suede cord in criss-crosses across the V.

The hat is also really simple to make, but instead of explaining it I’ll let this annoying British lady show you how to do it. The only difference between mine and hers is that I used felt instead of paper, and I glued down all the folds with a glue gun. I also used a real craft feather instead of cutting one out of paper – a bag of feathers is like $2, why would you ever create one yourself?

In related news, Fairfield county was voted the best place for trick-or-treating in the country. Yeah we are!


2 thoughts on “Feeling Halloweenie (part 3)

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