Last minute Halloween

It’s almost Halloween weekend, and I already have my costume picked out, but I thought I’d share out a couple gems of ideas that were thrown around this year and ultimately didn’t make the cut. Both are ideal for a trio, and you can get everything you need at trashy stores in the mall or probably around your house. (Also, don’t forget about the art of wear-and-return…do you really think I still own silver go-go dancer boots?)

For the woman unafraid to dress like a dude –

Uncle Jesse, Danny Tanner and Uncle Joey:

Let’s break these down one-by-one:

Uncle Jesse should be pretty simple as long as you can get the mullet just right. All you need is a leather jacket, a white t-shirt (maybe write Jesse and the Rippers on it), some old ripped faded 90s jeans and some sort of boot.

There’s quite an assortment of “leather” jackets at Forever21, but they are a little pricey. This is where the wear-and-return comes in:


For the jeans, I would advise checking your mom’s closet or even a guy’s closet. But if that’s not an option, you can always count on Kohls! Just rip them up a little.

Kohl’s (obvi)

Accessory: Motorcycle helmet, guitar or Lori Loughlin.


Danny Tanner isn’t too hard either – just pull your hair back in a bun and wear a collared shirt, baggy argyle sweater, pleated khakis and dress shoes or nasty running sneakers.

Kohl’s to the rescue again! Just make sure you get a man color and a really big size.

You can do one-stop shopping and get your khakis there too. I know this outfit will not be a wear-and-return.

Kohl’s again

Accessory: Baby Olsen twin.

Uncle Joey might be a little trickier because it may need to involve a trip to the Good Will, which is hit or miss. What you need is a nice center piece for the outfit – a hoodless 90s sweatshirt with a cartoon character on it. Something like this is good:

Probably a steal on eBay (good investment)

Or you could get a nice short-sleeved Hawaiian shirt.

The rest is jeans like uncle Jesse’s (but not ripped), ugly sneakers and a polo shirt peeking out from under the sweatshirt. This outfit also requires a mullet of course.

Accessory: a beaver hand puppet or Alanis Morissette.

For the true betch – Clueless Girls:

I’m just going to focus on Cher for this one, but the other girls are pretty similar.

The yellow outfit is classic, so I tried to fashion something similar out of items you can find at the mall:


Charlotte Russe

American Apparel


Or if you find this beauty at your local Forever 21, that could work too.


After that you just need white knee socks and to scour your old bedroom for a tiny backpack, an old cell phone and a fluffy pen to chew on. “Anything you can do to draw attention to your mouth is good.”

The bottom of your JanSport


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