Twilight is real: true story

So you probably thought Twilight was a fictional story what with its vampires and werewolves. Well, you’re wrong. There is evidence that Jacob and his wolf pack are real and they are currently wreaking havoc all over Washington state. Read for yourself in this story that Ally found:

“A pack of dogs has killed about 100 animals in the past three months in northeastern Washington state while eluding law enforcement and volunteers.

Officers have tried to track the pack but had little success because the dogs seem to hunker down during the day and move only at night, Stevens County Undersheriff Lavonne Webb said Thursday.

“We’ve only had one or two sightings during daytime hours,” Webb said in a telephone interview from Colville.

In their most recent attack, the dogs killed a 350-pound llama earlier this week. They’ve also killed other farm animals, including goats.

Authorities are warning residents to take whatever steps are necessary to protect their families and animals because the dogs appear to be killing for fun rather than food. No humans have been attacked, but officers fear that could happen.”HuffPost

You know why they can’t find the dogs? Because they turn into Taylor Lautner whenever cops get close.

But why so angry Jake? Is it because you didn’t get that much air time in the Breaking Dawn trailer? Or because Edward and Bella are finally getting married? You already knew that, bud. Maybe it’s because Robert Pattinson kissed you in public and you’re ashamed. Don’t be. That pretty much makes you the luckiest man alive. In any case, I beg of you Jacob, stop killing animals! It’s mean!

In other crazy animal news, elephants are in attack mode in India and there’s a moose on the loose in Sweden breaking into retirement homes. Did I mention the world is ending?

- Elephant kills security guard in Mysore, India (AP) -


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