Gaga frolics with Housewives at Hearst Castle

gagaguybirdI know I’m late on this but Lady Gaga’s new video – sorry “ARTPOP film” – is like someone saw into my fever dream. The song is called “G.U.Y,” which stands for “girl under you.” I definitely see this becoming a household acronym.. it’s the next PYT. (Um, April Fool’s).

Anyway, I’m really only bothering to talk about this at all because A. It’s filmed at Hearst Castle, which is my dream home. I’m hoping I can make my way up the corporate ladder and eventually become queen of the castle.


B. the Housewives of Beverly Hills cameo…LOL. The housewives band is both creepy and hilarious. Lisa would never agree to be the tambourine player in real life. She would obviously refuse to be anything less than manager, and then quit to manage Scheana’s pop-stardom.

lady-gaga-rhobh-guy-videoKim and Kyle look super happy with their guitars. They should start a folk band and Paris can play remixes of their song “Grumpy Old Man” in Ibiza.


Yolanda can obviously play all classical instruments. I wonder if David My Love was asked to play piano but declined because people would be singing along.

I just wish Brandi was in the band instead of witchy woman Carlton, but Lisa probably told her she can’t sit with them.

And then Andy Cohen is Zeus, which is accurate.

lady-gaga-video-01Other thoughts:

The first thing I thought when the video started, was that Kanye already did this. I hate to say anything in Kanye’s favor, but he made a “music video film” that starts with a wounded bird woman way back in 2010. Find your own niche, Gags.

Kanye's bird vs. Gaga's bird

Kanye’s bird vs. Gaga’s bird

Also, I get the “pop art” thing with the reality TV and lyrics about tweets (“Love me, love me. Please retweet”) – but Legos? Do we really need to keep going with this “Legos are so hot right now” thing that’s going on? Legos being a la mode reminds me of when Andy Cohen called out Rachel Zoe for calling sliced bread “un-chic.” He really is playing God and laughing at all of us sipping from his “Mazel” chalice (available at

screen-shot-2014-03-24-at-10-11-33-amAlso, he looks like the sun from Teletubbies all grown up.

ttlBabySunRisingThe one thing I enjoyed: Gaga’s lyrical genius. “Venus, Aphrodite lady, Seashell bikini, garden panty.”

Sweet garden panty, Gaga

Sweet garden panty, Gaga



Reminiscing on RHOC

I’ve been neglecting the Marg because I’ve been lazy. But for a great start to the weekend, I’d like to share this hilarious and terrifying clip from this week’s RHOC. It’s basically porn, but if Andy Cohen airs it on Bravo, I guess I can post it here.

The Milania Show

rhonj-milaniafallEveryone knows Real Housewives of New Jersey came back last night, and picked up right where it left off. My brother, my sister, you’re dead to me, you’re garbage, I’m not a stripper…etc. etc. If they don’t start talking about something other than the Giudice/Gorga feud soon – well I will probably just keep watching it…but I’ll be less into it.

Anyway, I give round 1 of this season to the Giudices because anything and everything that was hilarious in last night’s episode came from one of their mouths. First off, Gia is unfortunately looking more and more like her father, and apparently Teresa takes all her life advice from her. I mean it’s totally possible that an eleven-year-old is smarter than Teresa, but probably not her own spawn.

Mom, let me do this. I'm really good with words. Remember that song I wrote for Milania?

Mom, let me do this. I’m really good with words. Remember that song I wrote for Milania?


I was too tired to stay up for the whole episode, so I missed the Milania/Antonia play date. I’m sure I missed a lot of good one-liners because Milania has a magical way with words. How can we forget “Gimme pizza, you old troll,” and “you’re not a cooker, you’re a hooker.”

rhonj-pizzayouoldtrollLast night her best one-liners were actually cute like her running around in heels screaming “you’re not giving these babies away. They’re the prettiest things evaaaaa.”

It’s pretty clear where the girls inherited their talent for the spoken word. Teresa is a published author and knows big words like “ingredientses,” and Joe can be really poetic too. Like when he quotes “that song. We’re all dust in the air.”

Sidenote: how do they all look THE SAME?

Teresa, Milania, Too far?

Teresa, Milania, Too far?

Life in the 305


I’m gone from the beautiful sunshine of Miami and back into the less-beautiful sunshine of the Northeast. But I’m happy to report that the #PonesMIA (trending domestically) trip was a success and even included an F-list celebrity encounter of the Bravo kind.

I was hoping to rekindle my friendship with Pitbull and/or meet a Real Housewife of Miami, but I got the next best thing – a real (ex)househusband of Miami. My ladies and I decided to go to the “very exclusive, getting in is half the battle” Mynt Lounge where Joanna had her famous meltdown on the Real Housewives.

Ally and Romain

Ally and Romain

This is where my lady’s wildest dreams came true and she met the owner of Mynt and Joanna’s former fiance Romain – who is super hot for 40, and I know he’s 40 because he kept screaming it.

That's Romain - but he's 40.

That’s Romain – but he’s 40.

It really wasn’t that hard to get in to Mynt, but the key is you have to have a table or be a girl and mooch off the DJ and his friends. Also, Bravo did a great job with the camera angles because the club is way smaller than I expected, and it’s completely carpeted and smells kind of like feet. But it was fab anyway.

Other observations: SLS makes you feel like Alice in Wonderland in a good way, Story is very air-conditioned and huge and I don’t remember much else, and Wet Willies is apparently not for white people. Also, the men are not ashamed of an occasional thing bathing suit.

Photos (credit given where credit is due, mi pones):

Mission: Infiltrate Bravo TV

I’ve met Ramona from NYC, and had her retweet me…

photo[1]I almost met Andy Cohen on Thursday in Union Square. I checked Twitter and saw that he’d be in Union Square at 7:00 and I was like “Omg Andy Bravo, I will ALSO be there at 7:00,” but the line to meet him was way too long and I was getting hungry so I passed. BUT I was in the same building at the same time and heard his voice through the loud speaker…


See more photos at

Then I sent a photographer to cover an event Yolanda from Beverly Hills was at and SHE tweeted at me too (2 housewives down).


No there’s no typo….

My point is: I’m taking over Bravo.


You don’t want my pinot grigio?!

Last night all my housewife dreams came true and Ramona Singer hosted a free wine tasting down the street from my office. Obviously I recruited the only other two ladies in my office and we sped over to try her famous pinot grigio and surprisingly refreshing new red wine. Now I know how she chugs it all day long – it goes down like water. Anyway, I mostly just wanted to hear speak in person. I was somewhat disappointed by how pleasant she was (and very tiny in person) – I was hoping for some Ramona moments, but she is all business after all. Luckily she brought her crazy eyes with her, though.

Check out some photos of my new BFF Ramona and me:

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See more pictures HERE

Unrelated: In sad fat people news, RIP Twinkies

Bravo in my hood

A while back I wrote a post about a release that had come out saying a well-known Greenwich, CT “socialite” was going to make an appearance on a Bravo reality show. Well, last night was the big night that Tina Pray made her debut on Bravo’s “Miss Advised.”

Tina vs. Amy

The show comes on right after RHONYC, so naturally, I’ve gotten kind of hooked. It follows three loons as they have really awkward encounters with men.

In this episode, Amy, a matchmaker in NYC, goes to a friend’s party in Greenwich where she gets into a heated argument with Miss Tina Pray over the term “masculine energy” and a drink being spilled on an Armani sweater. Both women are extremely stuck up and annoying – Amy is the most uptight person I have ever seen on TV, and plus she “tuks like thess…” – but I have a prejudice against Tina due in part to comments left on my previous post:

“Tina Pray has a reputation for getting drunk and keying cars when she has had a few..her house was recently listed for sale, ostensibly because she is in debt to her jeweler, saks fifth avenue and multiple plastic surgeons who could do little for her. She looks like a car dealer’s daughter, what with those broad shoulders and thick waistline. Wealthy? Hardly.Pathetic? Definitely!” – Concerned in Greenwich

Those are fighting words. Could “Concerned in Greenwich” be Amy? Is that you, Amy? Are you reading this? I could use some love advice; should I or should I not hire a stylist to pick out the jeans and t-shirt I’m going to wear to a diner so I can get dumped? (Harsh…sorry).

Sorry I’m not sorry that Tina Pray has a thick waistline.

Needless to say Tina Pray’s 15 minutes were less than thrilling, and she does look like a man. She should just own it.

The other two women on the show are also pretty annoying. Julia is a dating columnist who used to date John McCain’s son, but now she just screams and wears tiaras. I want to like Julia, and I kind of do because she’s quirky and free-spirited and naive. But I know if I ever had to spend a prolonged period of time with her face-to-face I would be so tempted to gag her with her string of pearls. Stop screaming “PROM!” She also causes me way too much second-hand embarrassment. Stop begging guys to kiss you, and don’t drop to the floor and hyperventilate because a guy you went to “prom” with once shows up at your boring dinner party after you, again, begged him to come.

Then there’s Emily the radio sex show host. She has a weird lifestyle, but she says she’s okay with it, and she seems relatively sane. I just don’t really see why she’s even on the show. When all three women were guests on “Watch What Happens Live,” last night, at least Amy and Princess Julia admitted that they saw their flaws and have changed, but Emily thinks she’s great the way she is. Props to her, but that makes for pretty boring TV. Also, she needs to eat a sandwich.