Bravo comes to Greenwich

- Tina Pray attending the preview party for the Greenwich Harbor Yacht Showcase benefit for Audubon Greenwich. Photo: File Photo / CT -

As I’ve said before, the perk of working in Greenwich, CT is that everyone is super rich, which attracts famous people and reality TV. I don’t know if “Wall Street Wives” is going to happen, but apparently another Fairfield County mom beat my bud, Devon, to the reality show finish line – and this one’s on Bravo.

“Natasha Pray, the daughter of Greenwich auto magnate Malcolm Pray, is set to appear in a new television series being filmed for the network, which is known for its drama-filled accounts of the lives of rich women in various cities. ‘Miss Advised’ is one of several new reality shows set to air on Bravo in the spring… the show follows three single female “relationship experts” as they dole out dating advice to clients and then follow, or don’t follow, their own guidelines.” – Greenwich Time

The show is apparently an Ashley Tisdale production, which worries me. But I will obviously give it a shot when it airs seeing as Andy and Bravo very rarely go wrong.

Also, this lady seems like a lunatic:

“While an appearance on a Bravo reality series might help Natasha Pray, known to her friends as Tina, enter the limelight, she made news in late 2009 for a very different reason. In November 2009, Pray was charged with attempted larceny and insurance fraud after she allegedly attempted to trick her stepfather, Richard Ford, into cooperating with a plan devised to collect nearly $60,000 from an insurance company.” – Greenwich Time


4 thoughts on “Bravo comes to Greenwich

  1. Hi there.. This show and wall st wives are very different and of course my show is coming! People don’t seem to realize the time it takes to produce these things.. Somehow thinking you just start airing like magic!

    • Devon, this is written in a sarcastic tone and just meant to be funny. I know you work hard on all your projects and are a very smart business woman so I have no doubts that your show will be a success when it airs!

  2. Tina Pray has a reputation for getting drunk and keying cars when she has had a few..her house was recently listed for sale, ostensibly because she is in debt to her jeweler, saks fifth avenue and multiple plastic surgeons who could do little for her. She looks like a car dealer’s daughter, what with those broad shoulders and thick waistline. Wealthy? Hardly.Pathetic? Definitely!

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