Wait, where’s Jill?

Real Housewives of New York debuted its new wives last night and I’d like to start off by saying that RHONY is quickly establishing itself as the uggo of the franchise. I know that’s super mean, but come on, these new ladies are kind of beat compared to the glamorous wrecks of Beverly Hills for example.


Anyway, I’m not going to waste time talking about the veteran housewives because they’re pretty much the same. Ramona is still a complete lunatic, LuAnne is still a raging bitch, and Sonja still may or may not always be high on prescription drugs. This episode set up Ramona to be the villain of the season, which is too bad because I don’t think Ramona is mean – just out of her mind. And LuAnn should probably stop worrying so much about Ramona and think about how her daughter put on an Apocalypse-themed art show on a sunny day in the Hamptons.

I didn’t catch the episode in its entirety, but here’s what I did gather about the new wives:

Aviva seems to be pretty normal and down to earth – well normal aside from the fact that she has a fake leg that she gets pedicured. It’s interesting to see though – not something you usually see on TV. And I couldn’t tell she had one until she whipped out the third leg at the nail salon. The other weird thing with Aviva is that both LuAnn and Sonja may or may not have dated her ex-husband, and they are both so nonchalant about it. In what world is that not awkward? Also, she has a really weird face but then sometimes she looks like Claudia Schiffer so it’s confusing. I think I might like this Aviva.

Heather, on the other hand I do not like. She thinks she’s high and mighty because she designs shapewear. Everyone and their mother on Bravo designs shapewear. Also, she got so offended because Mario basically told her to shut up, but she really was interrupting him. She has an attitude and I don’t care for her. Then end. Oh, and her opening quote includes “Holla.”

Then there’s little tiny Carole. I missed a chunk of the show, so I may have missed her part but from what I did see she seems soft-spoken and pretty harmless. She’s a princess and a journalist, so I think I like her. She also has a weird face, though. What’s with that?

Side note: Ramona’s Hamptons house could eat all of the RHONJ shore houses.


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