More ‘Housewives’ news

Housewives all over the globe have realized their sudden power over the world of pop culture. I don’t know why there is a such a fascination with h0t, rich moms right now but I am no exception to the rule. However, it looks like Real Housewife of Beverly Hills, Kyle Richards, is getting a little greedy.

- Life is not a reality show, it's a 30-minute comedy -

Once in a while on these housewives shows, one woman stands out as the star. With New York it was Bethenny Frankle and she went on to have her own spin-off reality show and become a huge success with her books and her Skinny Bitch Girl Margaritas. Kyle is not a far cry from Betheny in that she seems to be the most sane housewife on the show, she has great hair and she’s in a stable relationship with her hot husband. It also doesn’t hurt that she’s related to Paris Hilton and that starring in Escape to Witch Mountain drove her sister to prescription drugs and lunacy, thus making Kyle look like your everyday girl next door in comparison.

So yes, I think it’s great that she has a book out and that she wants to venture into other TV opportunities. I was thinking maybe she would do a spin-off like Bethenny did, but she wants to do a sitcom about her life. Do you really think you ‘re that interesting, Kyle?

“Richards: I just sold a pilot, a half-hour sitcom. I can’t say which network, but it’s about my life. It’s basically my life being a juggling mom, wife and being on a reality show.

AP: If you don’t play yourself, which Hollywood starlet would you like to play you?

Richards: I would want it to be somebody that’s really funny and could capture the humor of being a mom and all the humor that comes with being on a reality show, so maybe Jennifer Aniston or Jenny McCarthy. I don’t know, someone really funny.”AP

So there’s going to be a show about Kyle Richards starring on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” airing simultaneously as “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” which she stars in. This seems quite unnecessary, but go for it girl. I hear reality TV is out anyway and sitcoms are really where it’s at….


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