Bravo in my hood

A while back I wrote a post about a release that had come out saying a well-known Greenwich, CT “socialite” was going to make an appearance on a Bravo reality show. Well, last night was the big night that Tina Pray made her debut on Bravo’s “Miss Advised.”

Tina vs. Amy

The show comes on right after RHONYC, so naturally, I’ve gotten kind of hooked. It follows three loons as they have really awkward encounters with men.

In this episode, Amy, a matchmaker in NYC, goes to a friend’s party in Greenwich where she gets into a heated argument with Miss Tina Pray over the term “masculine energy” and a drink being spilled on an Armani sweater. Both women are extremely stuck up and annoying – Amy is the most uptight person I have ever seen on TV, and plus she “tuks like thess…” – but I have a prejudice against Tina due in part to comments left on my previous post:

“Tina Pray has a reputation for getting drunk and keying cars when she has had a few..her house was recently listed for sale, ostensibly because she is in debt to her jeweler, saks fifth avenue and multiple plastic surgeons who could do little for her. She looks like a car dealer’s daughter, what with those broad shoulders and thick waistline. Wealthy? Hardly.Pathetic? Definitely!” – Concerned in Greenwich

Those are fighting words. Could “Concerned in Greenwich” be Amy? Is that you, Amy? Are you reading this? I could use some love advice; should I or should I not hire a stylist to pick out the jeans and t-shirt I’m going to wear to a diner so I can get dumped? (Harsh…sorry).

Sorry I’m not sorry that Tina Pray has a thick waistline.

Needless to say Tina Pray’s 15 minutes were less than thrilling, and she does look like a man. She should just own it.

The other two women on the show are also pretty annoying. Julia is a dating columnist who used to date John McCain’s son, but now she just screams and wears tiaras. I want to like Julia, and I kind of do because she’s quirky and free-spirited and naive. But I know if I ever had to spend a prolonged period of time with her face-to-face I would be so tempted to gag her with her string of pearls. Stop screaming “PROM!” She also causes me way too much second-hand embarrassment. Stop begging guys to kiss you, and don’t drop to the floor and hyperventilate because a guy you went to “prom” with once shows up at your boring dinner party after you, again, begged him to come.

Then there’s Emily the radio sex show host. She has a weird lifestyle, but she says she’s okay with it, and she seems relatively sane. I just don’t really see why she’s even on the show. When all three women were guests on “Watch What Happens Live,” last night, at least Amy and Princess Julia admitted that they saw their flaws and have changed, but Emily thinks she’s great the way she is. Props to her, but that makes for pretty boring TV. Also, she needs to eat a sandwich.


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