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Happy Fall!


For the bros

Once in a while I’m summoned by Mr. Jimmy T for input on various things (mainly Miley Cyrus) for his blog. But he has answered a higher calling, so you can now read our thoughts on apple and pumpkin picking on

Photo cred: Alyssa via Ellen

Photo cred: Alyssa via Ellen

September is stupid

It’s the last day of August, which means the last day of summer. I know it’s not officially fall yet, but everyone knows September means fall. I’m not ready to put away my white pants!

Anyway, in honor of the last day of summer (depressing), enjoy:

And Pitbull’s remix: Ai Se Eu Te Pego

Happy first day of Fall (not)

So it’s officially Fall – bring on the pasty skin and seasonal depression. It’s just that I love summer so much, that Fall doesn’t even have a chance. But to keep myself from falling into Autumnal misery, I am going to cheer myself up by talking about some of the good parts of Fall.

1. Taking walks in cemeteries: You may find this morbid, but I’m not talking about going to the graveyard at midnight on Halloween. On really nice Fall days I like to take walks, and I have found that certain cemeteries are the perfect spot. There aren’t many (live) people around, and they are usually full of little trails. Also, I think it’s a nice thing to do. These poor dead people get visited once or twice a year by their families; other than that, no one wants to go near them because they’re dead and creepy. Well guess what, we are all going to be dead and creepy one day, so wouldn’t you like a little company once in a while? Besides, it’s not creepy during the day – it’s peaceful and you actually feel like you have company. So, get over it and go visit a graveyard – it’s pretty, some of the head stones are cool, and it’s way less crowded than the park. See:

2. Apple picking: This is pretty much the same idea as the cemetery. I don’t really care about picking or eating apples, but I like to walk through the orchard. I also like the apple cider donuts they sell because I’m a fatty at heart.

- My sister is so artsy -

3. UConn Football Games: Just like I don’t care about apples, I don’t care about football. But I do enjoy a good tailgate on a nice day and day drinking with my Uconn buds!

4. Trips to the City: Fall is actually my favorite time to go into New York because the seasons are basically twice as intense in the city. When it’s hot it’s HOT and when it’s cold, you want to die (why do I want to move there again?). Anyway, the temperature in the Fall is perfect for going into NYC.

And that is my attempt at consoling myself while I mourn the end of summer.

I refuse to let summer end

As if labor day isn’t already the unofficial last day of summer, the day after has to turn out rainy and miserable – I haven’t seen a high of 65 degrees in months. My sister went off to her first day of  junior year today, and I drove to work with the windows closed and no AC. I’ve never been more jealous of non-New-Englanders.

But since I’m known to be a stubborn lady and since it’s supposed to go back up to 80 degrees on Friday, I’ve decided to put off the beginning of fall. I’m just not ready to be pasty white.

So in honor of the rest of the season, I give you my songs of summer 2011: