Dear Ally…

This page is dedicated to you and your dedication to my blog. As my one and only fan I would like to thank you for having a mid-day margarita every day.  So until I get a “#1 fan” pin and foam finger made, I offer you this acrostic poem:

A is for accounting because you landed a sweet job out of college that gives you free lap top cases and let’s you stay at work till midnight.

L is for “Lo” as in JLO because you are also her #1 fan.

L is for loyal because you are so many people’s #1 fans.

Y is for “yeehaw” because we are going to have a wild weekend with CB in Texas.

S is for sleepovers at hotels with warm thigh wine.

O is for Omega because we both know he is the greatest artist of all time.

N is for neighbors which is what we were all through college…till now :(


M is for Marie, but also for Middlesex – our first home where we exchanged flip flops during Stuti’s dumb game and I introduced myself to you and Erin because my roommate was at band camp…..


D is for dance parties everywhere and anywhere

A is for Ally jokes – I love puns! and for being so Awesome that Lord and Taylor just gives you Michael Kors bags.

S is for Sporty Spice, your alter ego

I is for “I like your blouse” as in “Misses, I like your blouse.”

L is for Lardia + Fatison DaSilva 4eva and also for LAAKE, which is the street we will live on.

V is for vodka.

A is for all the other fun times we’ve had and more to come! (C is for cheese ball)

- this is my friend Ally -


4 thoughts on “Dear Ally…

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