Stomp the divots!

Since I wasn’t able to go to Prince Harry’s polo match in Greenwich, I decided to slum it and go to a non-royal one.

Since I’m already très high-class, I didn’t have to do much in preparation besides go on a late night shopping spree for fancy food. I already have a sun hat and appropriate polo dressby Richard Gere’s standards.

See? Uncanny

See? Uncanny

Although, I think I was excluded from the VIP tent because I was channeling Julia Roberts a la prostitute. It’s fine, I never want to sit with that lunatic George Costanza anyway.

Does not look fun

Does not look fun

Fashion aside, one of the highlights of the day was getting lost in a really bad part of Greenwich, CT – and by “really bad,” I mean dripping in diamonds. We ended up driving through some horse farm thinking it was the polo field, and discovered wonderland. The 30-foot garden gnome was cool, but the 43-foot dog made out of flowers was fate.

puppy-4At first it just looked like a big mountain of flowers and then as we drove around it, it took shape. The shape of a dog. This in itself is weird, but not that weird. What is that weird is that the the next night I was sitting home flipping through an old issue of New York Magazine, and what do I see? The flower dog! I don’t know what it means, but it means something.

In a bizarre twist of fate...

In a bizarre twist of fate…

Apparently it’s called “Puppy” and was named “artwork of the decade.” I feel so cultured now.

"Puppy" is well-traveled

“Puppy” is well-traveled

“Today it sits on his 53-acre estate in Greenwich, Connecticut where it costs a reported $75,000 a year to maintain. Obviously the flowers die with the Connecticut frosts, which is a shame, but there is the whole rebirth in the spring thing. Each spring ten men work for twelve days replanting the tens of thousands of annual flowers that form Puppy.” – Rando dog site

Gloomy day in the English country-side

Gloomy day in the English country-side

The actual “sport of kings” is really pretty boring – as I assume most kingly things are – except when the horses escape from their 1-inch-high barrier and charge into the crowd. Note to the women who wheeled their grandmother onto the field and almost got trampled: leave grams at home.

Then they played some Bruno Mars to get us amped up to stomp the divots!



All in all it was fun – we got drunk off champagne, ate figs, kicked some grass, tried to spot Gatsby (what Gatsby?)

There he is

There he is

And got our photo in the paper (thanks to moi).





Prince Harry in Greenwich

Of all days to not go into Connecticut for work, I chose today – the day I could have met Prince Harry and married him and become a princess! I know he’s not actually welcome to the throne because he’s too fun, but that’s even better. Kate can tour the world in sensible wrap dresses while I could be partying in Vegas with Harry.

It’s not like I haven’t known he was going to be I Greenwich for months….I make poor choices…

Prince Harry arriving in Greenwich, CT.  Photo: Hearst Connecticut

Prince Harry arriving in Greenwich, CT.
Photo: Hearst Connecticut

Photo: Hearst Connecticut

Photo: Hearst Connecticut

More photos HERE

Bravo in my hood

A while back I wrote a post about a release that had come out saying a well-known Greenwich, CT “socialite” was going to make an appearance on a Bravo reality show. Well, last night was the big night that Tina Pray made her debut on Bravo’s “Miss Advised.”

Tina vs. Amy

The show comes on right after RHONYC, so naturally, I’ve gotten kind of hooked. It follows three loons as they have really awkward encounters with men.

In this episode, Amy, a matchmaker in NYC, goes to a friend’s party in Greenwich where she gets into a heated argument with Miss Tina Pray over the term “masculine energy” and a drink being spilled on an Armani sweater. Both women are extremely stuck up and annoying – Amy is the most uptight person I have ever seen on TV, and plus she “tuks like thess…” – but I have a prejudice against Tina due in part to comments left on my previous post:

“Tina Pray has a reputation for getting drunk and keying cars when she has had a few..her house was recently listed for sale, ostensibly because she is in debt to her jeweler, saks fifth avenue and multiple plastic surgeons who could do little for her. She looks like a car dealer’s daughter, what with those broad shoulders and thick waistline. Wealthy? Hardly.Pathetic? Definitely!” – Concerned in Greenwich

Those are fighting words. Could “Concerned in Greenwich” be Amy? Is that you, Amy? Are you reading this? I could use some love advice; should I or should I not hire a stylist to pick out the jeans and t-shirt I’m going to wear to a diner so I can get dumped? (Harsh…sorry).

Sorry I’m not sorry that Tina Pray has a thick waistline.

Needless to say Tina Pray’s 15 minutes were less than thrilling, and she does look like a man. She should just own it.

The other two women on the show are also pretty annoying. Julia is a dating columnist who used to date John McCain’s son, but now she just screams and wears tiaras. I want to like Julia, and I kind of do because she’s quirky and free-spirited and naive. But I know if I ever had to spend a prolonged period of time with her face-to-face I would be so tempted to gag her with her string of pearls. Stop screaming “PROM!” She also causes me way too much second-hand embarrassment. Stop begging guys to kiss you, and don’t drop to the floor and hyperventilate because a guy you went to “prom” with once shows up at your boring dinner party after you, again, begged him to come.

Then there’s Emily the radio sex show host. She has a weird lifestyle, but she says she’s okay with it, and she seems relatively sane. I just don’t really see why she’s even on the show. When all three women were guests on “Watch What Happens Live,” last night, at least Amy and Princess Julia admitted that they saw their flaws and have changed, but Emily thinks she’s great the way she is. Props to her, but that makes for pretty boring TV. Also, she needs to eat a sandwich.

Goodbye office :(

Today is a sad day. It’s my last day in my sunny Greenwich office before I move to a dark, cold corner in Stamford. Gone are the days of having an entire wing to myself and a semi-decent commute. I’d like to take a moment to say goodbye to the things that I have come to know, love and loathe about this place:

– My cube, which is now all packed up into a quarter of a large box because all I really have here is oatmeal. I will miss my large window, tall walls and the fact that I had to do acrobatics over the divider in order to adjust the temperature of the room.

My Mandalay Bay cup will definitely be moving with me.

– The greenhouse effect. No matter the season, I could always count on my cube heating up to an uncomfortable 700 degrees between 3 and 4pm. Not everyone can say they wear sunglasses at work.

– My friends next door. The most devastating part of this move is that I will no longer be able to walk right next door and get my morning coffee, snacks, batteries or compliments on my outfits. These people are my buddies – I’ve seen them come and go, and learned to love new employees. My favorite friend is the car wash guy who witnessed me fall twice and won’t let me forget it. See ya never, guys…

– The lovely landscaping. My new office shares a space with shipping and receiving and features a view of picnic tables and a brick wall – nothing compared to the lush foliage surrounding the parking lot here.

Love me my fountain…

Fond memories of the obnoxious construction of this walkway.

Do they even have flowers in Stamford?

– The yoga studio, more specifically, the yoga moms who can’t park their BMW SUVs or use their own parking spaces. I’m sure the yoga ladies will be happy to see us go so they can continue to use up our spaces – usually 2 spots per vehicle because they can’t seem to grasp the concept of driving a car. I’ll miss you guys…but not really; I actually hate you a lot.

RIP office. You certainly were never my favorite destination, but I would choose you over my new dungeon any day.

Bravo comes to Greenwich

- Tina Pray attending the preview party for the Greenwich Harbor Yacht Showcase benefit for Audubon Greenwich. Photo: File Photo / CT -

As I’ve said before, the perk of working in Greenwich, CT is that everyone is super rich, which attracts famous people and reality TV. I don’t know if “Wall Street Wives” is going to happen, but apparently another Fairfield County mom beat my bud, Devon, to the reality show finish line – and this one’s on Bravo.

“Natasha Pray, the daughter of Greenwich auto magnate Malcolm Pray, is set to appear in a new television series being filmed for the network, which is known for its drama-filled accounts of the lives of rich women in various cities. ‘Miss Advised’ is one of several new reality shows set to air on Bravo in the spring… the show follows three single female “relationship experts” as they dole out dating advice to clients and then follow, or don’t follow, their own guidelines.” – Greenwich Time

The show is apparently an Ashley Tisdale production, which worries me. But I will obviously give it a shot when it airs seeing as Andy and Bravo very rarely go wrong.

Also, this lady seems like a lunatic:

“While an appearance on a Bravo reality series might help Natasha Pray, known to her friends as Tina, enter the limelight, she made news in late 2009 for a very different reason. In November 2009, Pray was charged with attempted larceny and insurance fraud after she allegedly attempted to trick her stepfather, Richard Ford, into cooperating with a plan devised to collect nearly $60,000 from an insurance company.” – Greenwich Time

I DID see someone famous!

I guess meeting celebrities is like finding true love: it happens when you stop looking… okay, just kidding. But it’s kind of true. After many visits to Greenwich Ave. in hopes of a celeb-sighting, I finally met someone – and I wasn’t looking. I was minding my own business being reckless at Tiernan’s, a bar in Stamford, when Katherine Heigl (who is filming The Big Wedding in Greenwich) just came walking through the door and ordered a dirty martini! Well, it turns out I do not get start-struck. I walked right up to her and had a casual conversation. Then I convinced her to take a picture with my ladies and me!

- Hanging with my new friend, Kate Heigl -

I WILL see someone famous

- "The Big Wedding" movie set in Greenwich, CT (Greenwich Time) -

One of the cool things about working on Connecticut’s “gold coast” is that it’s crawling with celebs! Mostly it’s just people like Martha Stewart hiding in mansions, but once in a while exciting people come out to play.

Right now, Robert De Niro, Diane Keaton, Susan Sarandon, Topher Grace and Katherine Heigl (who both grew up in Fairfield county) are about 20 minutes away from me filming a new movie called “The Big Wedding.” They were spotted hanging around Greenwich Ave. last week, so I’ve been taking strolls there JIC. Diane was last seen at Saks so I parked my car there in case maybe she had to make a return….

Read about it and see photos: “‘You talkin’ to me?’ De Niro comedy now shooting in Greenwich”

Hopefully I will have my own photos soon if my stalking pays off.

In May, Topher talked to Conan O’Brien about shooting the movie in his hometown: WATCH