Life in the 305


I’m gone from the beautiful sunshine of Miami and back into the less-beautiful sunshine of the Northeast. But I’m happy to report that the #PonesMIA (trending domestically) trip was a success and even included an F-list celebrity encounter of the Bravo kind.

I was hoping to rekindle my friendship with Pitbull and/or meet a Real Housewife of Miami, but I got the next best thing – a real (ex)househusband of Miami. My ladies and I decided to go to the “very exclusive, getting in is half the battle” Mynt Lounge where Joanna had her famous meltdown on the Real Housewives.

Ally and Romain

Ally and Romain

This is where my lady’s wildest dreams came true and she met the owner of Mynt and Joanna’s former fiance Romain – who is super hot for 40, and I know he’s 40 because he kept screaming it.

That's Romain - but he's 40.

That’s Romain – but he’s 40.

It really wasn’t that hard to get in to Mynt, but the key is you have to have a table or be a girl and mooch off the DJ and his friends. Also, Bravo did a great job with the camera angles because the club is way smaller than I expected, and it’s completely carpeted and smells kind of like feet. But it was fab anyway.

Other observations: SLS makes you feel like Alice in Wonderland in a good way, Story is very air-conditioned and huge and I don’t remember much else, and Wet Willies is apparently not for white people. Also, the men are not ashamed of an occasional thing bathing suit.

Photos (credit given where credit is due, mi pones):


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