Dead? There’s an app for that

– Should’ve downloaded the app –

If a tree falls in the woods and no one’s there to hear it, does it make a sound? Yeah, obviously; it’s a tree.

If something happens and you don’t post it on Facebook, did it really happen? Nope.

You went to a party last night and didn’t mupload any pictures? Didn’t happen. You have a new boyfriend but it’s not Facebook official? You’re single. You left the country and didn’t check in? You’re still home.

Everyone knows your life is only as good as what you document on Facebook. If you don’t have a Facebook, well then you really don’t exist do you? But something’s been keeping me up at night: what if I die suddenly and don’t have time to update my status? I’d have to spend eternity as a ghost coping with my unfinished business. Until now.

Finally an Israel-based company has created the “If I die” app for Facebook. It allows you to record your final words ahead of time. Then when you die, three of your most trusted Facebook friends will confirm your death and allow your message to be posted.

Facebook > Death.


Do you care about the new Facebook?

So Facebook changed AGAIN. I don’t like it, but I never like it and then just when I get used to it they change it again. So basically what I’m saying is I really don’t care to talk about it. However, it seems to be a big topic of conversation, so if you’re actually interested enough, here’s some info and opinion on the new Facebook from people who are not me:

Facebook changes revolutionize network for the better

Facebook’s algorithms, page changes decide what’s news to you

Want an Actual Facebook?

The ongoing trend is obviously for all things paper to go digital, but Deutsche Post DHL has come up with a product that goes completely against the current. For 19 Euros you can turn your Facebook life into a physical book. The Facebook app “Social Memories” creates a 28-page book highlighting your most popular photos, statuses etc. It also gives you really useful statistics like a break-down of your friends in pie-graph form organized by zodiac sign.

I can really only think of one time when this might come in handy: on the plane when you have to power down your electronics. But I hope most people can go that long without getting a Facebook fix.

The other problem (or genius business plan) is that you would have to buy a new book every couple of months to keep it up to date. Facebook is a living breathing organism – maybe that’s extreme – but it is constantly changing. It’s streaming live 24/7, which is why, despite its name, Facebook’s only natural home is the ever-evolving internet versus an actual book.

That being said, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Germans behind this actually made some serious Euros. There is substantial proof that people will buy almost anything, and I can see the young Euro-chic of the world thinking it’s cool and oh-so-ironic to have a book case in their loft stocked with “Facebooks.”