Want an Actual Facebook?

The ongoing trend is obviously for all things paper to go digital, but Deutsche Post DHL has come up with a product that goes completely against the current. For 19 Euros you can turn your Facebook life into a physical book. The Facebook app “Social Memories” creates a 28-page book highlighting your most popular photos, statuses etc. It also gives you really useful statistics like a break-down of your friends in pie-graph form organized by zodiac sign.

I can really only think of one time when this might come in handy: on the plane when you have to power down your electronics. But I hope most people can go that long without getting a Facebook fix.

The other problem (or genius business plan) is that you would have to buy a new book every couple of months to keep it up to date. Facebook is a living breathing organism – maybe that’s extreme – but it is constantly changing. It’s streaming live 24/7, which is why, despite its name, Facebook’s only natural home is the ever-evolving internet versus an actual book.

That being said, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Germans behind this actually made some serious Euros. There is substantial proof that people will buy almost anything, and I can see the young Euro-chic of the world thinking it’s cool and oh-so-ironic to have a book case in their loft stocked with “Facebooks.”


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