The girl does gowns well

Kate Middleton showed up at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) gala in LA on Saturday in yet another pretty princess dress this time by Alexander McQueen.

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- Getty Images - Seriously, though, go for that second crumpet once in a while...holy 2-inch waist.

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On a semi-related note, Kim K was looking cool this weekend too. I’m loving this retro outfit she wore for her fragrance commercial (according to Style List).

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Loving Kate right now

I wouldn’t say I’m a Kate Middleton fan. I mean, I don’t really see that she’s done anything to be a fan of except marry I prince, which I guess is impressive. Anyway, I’m just not all about the royal family, and she seems kind of plain and boring to me.

However, that being said, pictures of her and Willy at the Absolute Return for Kids (ARK) Gala in London just came out and she looks like a perfect modern-day princess (even though she’s technically not a princess…).

I love love the dress! One criticism: I never agreed with people saying she was too skinny, but she is looking a little frail in this dress – I hope there wasn’t any strong wind. Other than that she looks perfect and I want that (Jenny Packham) dress!

Click here for a slideshow: Prince William & Kate Step Out To ARK Gala

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OMG Royal Wedding Day

So it happened; I didn’t watch, so I can’t say much about it. I am seeing Facebook statuses galore about it and it’s all over the internet, so I feel that I can’t just ignore it. It’s not that I have anything against it, I just didn’t get swept up in the craze I guess.

So the big news is that they kissed not once, but twice! But only because the first kiss was lame….Come on guys, act like you mean it!

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And here’s a pretty picture of Kate….nice dress, simple – very much her style:

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Also, congratulations Kate, you now have 3 titles and probably more to come. Better start writing them down:

“Queen Elizabeth II gave Prince William the title of Duke of Cambridge and Kate Middleton the title of Duchess of Cambridge before the bride and groom’s ceremony on Friday.

In addition to the dukedom, William also became the Earl of Strathearn and Baron Carrickfergus, which means Kate will become the Countess of Strathearn and Baroness Carrickfergus.

That makes three titles each for the royal couple.” – AOL (has EVERYTHING you ever need to know about the wedding).

The bad news for Kate – you’re not a real princess :( except in the hearts and minds of your loyal fans/subjects that is.

So, that’s pretty much all I feel like saying on the subject.

Royal Wedding Fever!

Okay, so I don’t really get it.

I tried hard not to catch Bieber fever, but I have to admit that I did – “Baby” is a quality jam. However, royal wedding fever is just not as contagious for me. For example, this fine china is one of the most hideous things I have ever seen:

I do know people who are really into it though, and I think it’s hilarious. AOL has a whole page dedicated to this stuff. Check it out if you’re one of “those.” The “Royal Wedding Hangover” is slightly funny – it got a chuckle out of me (how British of me).

I will give these crazy Will and Kate fans one thing, though: That jelly bean really does look just like her!