‘And life is like a song’

As I mentioned before, I was a 9-year-old Etta James fan so I thought I would do a little “goodbye” post for her. Her music has obviously stayed relevant (thanks in part to Avicii)  and I’m sure it will be even now that she’s gone.

Etta James, Powerful Voice Behind ‘At Last,’ Dies at 73 New York Times


10th Anniversary of 9-11

- Smoke pours from the former site of the World Trade Center in Manhattan September 12, 2001 from a vantage point in Hoboken, N.J. Smoke filled the air all over lower Manhattan in the aftermath of the terrorist attack and destruction of the World Trade Center. Photo: Getty Images, Chris Hondros / Getty Images North America -

This Sunday marks 10 whole years since the attacks on September 11, 2001, and I can’t believe it’s been that long. I was sitting in my eighth-grade classroom in my Catholic-school uniform eating cake for my teacher’s birthday when they wheeled in a TV and turned on the news. They told us about the attacks on the Pentagon, but not on the World Trade Center because they didn’t want to scare us since we were so close to New York City. I didn’t really understand what was going on, but I knew it was big because not only did I get the day off of school, but my dad got off of work. Anyway, since I do live and work so close to the city, a lot of people around me have a personal connection to 9-11, whether they knew someone involved or they saw the smoke rising from Greenwich Point.

Greenwich Time: 9/11 Ten Years Later

New York Times: Where I Was

Wall Street Wives?

- Devon Fleming -

Even though I love the Real Housewives, I normally would not be all for yet another rip-off housewife show like Mob Wives or Basketball Wives or whatever wives. However, I am rooting for Wall street Wives to get picked up by a network because it will feature women in Fairfield County, CT – my peeps (sort of…). Devon Fleming, a New Canaan hot mom, local celeb, author and a bunch of other things has been pitching her idea for this reality show for a while and now it looks like its chances of getting picked up are pretty good.

Her idea is to show how the families of Wall Street business men have been coping during the recession. Fleming would, of course, be one of the show’s stars. Look at her, she’s perfect housewife material.

“Fleming is fully aware that some viewers will likely roll their eyes at the thought of affluent families in the greater New York area being affected by the crash, but insists it is not all going to be about the money. Instead she hopes to focus on the emotional issues, which she expects more people would be able to relate with.” – New Canaan News

Even if it did end up being another show about petty drama amongst women who wear stilettos while watching TV, I’d still watch it – it’s about time they unleashed the Fairfield County housewives.

I set Devon up with a blog, read it! The Household CEO

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Sometimes I’m a Nerd

Page One: Inside the New York Times is a new documentary coming out that portrays the changes happening in journalism today and the struggle between traditional and new media by bringing us through a year at the New York Times.

This topic has been beaten to death. Not only have I taken college courses on this, but I live it everyday- my salary depends on the success of blogs.

Still, call me a nerd, but I may be going to see it. And I will probably go on my own since I doubt anyone will want to sit through it with me.

Watch the trailer and read all about it! – Page One: Inside the New York Times