I’m basically part of the SNL cast

This guy

This guy

So remember how a week and a half ago I Googled and posted a photo about this Colin Jost guy (and haven’t posted anything since)? Well I met him this weekend. Weird. If this is going to be new thing that happend I need to start posting way more about Leo.

Anyway, in a magical turn of events I ended up alone and surrounded by the entire cast of SNL celebrating Seth Meyers’ last show (sans Keenan and Drunk Uncle unfortunately) but plus Melissa McCarthy and Seth Meyer’s brother who reminded me I knew him from this:

Remember Randy?

Remember Randy?

I didn’t take any photos, so I could be making the whole thing up – but I’m not. Also, Melissa McCarthy thinks I’m funny. I made her laugh by saying something about Beyonce and surfboards (?) – maybe she was just being polite, but probably not because my jokes are usually hilarious. I just wish I could have sat her down to discuss Gilmore Girls.

fdb36e6cece32ceb79ea19f3cd441d30.584x329x24Other highlights: Seth Meyers.



My biggest takeaway though is that these people are animals. I left at 7:00am completely distraught that I was not in my bed before the sun came up, and they were all still going – and some of them are like kind of old. Impressed.

In other celebrity news, on Friday I called out Adam Levine for his sunless tanner by telling him he was “really tan for wintertime.” So smooth.



Katie Couric is a big Sheryl Crow fan


Last night, I took Alyssa up on her offer of one free ticket to the PBS taping of The Artists Den with Sheryl Crow at the Plaza Hotel. Aside from it being too random to pass up, I actually am an avid listener of the Sheryl Crow Pandora station – it’s like the Lilith Fair in your headphones.

photo[4]When we first got there, the whole thing seemed very unorganized – booze was downstairs, standing room only etc. etc. but then it got good. Sheryl was awesome and played most of her old songs (sprinkled with some of her new country songs, which are pretty cheese), and we got to stand under Katie Couric’s balcony seating.


Gotta Insta that

Gotta Insta that

Hi Katie. I'm down here

Hi Katie. I’m down here

Katie is apparently a huge fan. She spent the whole time canoodling with her man and taking videos of the concert on her phone. I checked her Instagram to see if she posted any photos from the concert. She didn’t, but she did post this:

photoI was really hoping to meet her at the VIP after party at the Oak Room (yeah we had access, we are fancy) so I could charm her and she’d take me under her journalistic wing, but she left the show early.

The show ended on a great note with “Everyday is a Winding Road,” so we were excited when she came back for an encore. Apparently they thought it would be an awesome idea to end the concert with a song that made everyone want to go blow dry their hair in the tub.

“Waterproof Mascara” is a new country jam about Sheryl Crow’s fatherless children and it includes the line “Thank God they made waterproof mascara ’cause it won’t run like his daddy did.”

So after that song ended everyone kind of laughed about it and was like okay kiss kiss goodnight, I’m going to go never listen to that again. But then Sheryl came back. Since this was taped for TV she had to do some songs over again. This was one of them. Seriously? Luckily she redeemed herself by having to redo “Steve McQueen” after that.


But then, she had to do the mascara song AGAIN. Three times. She even apologized for being such a “womp.” I mean, yes, you are a womp right now Sheryl. The only upside, we thought, was that by this point we knew the lyrics so we could pretend to get really into it and they would want to tape us for the show.

Even after three renditions of the most depressing song ever written, I was still loving the Sheryl so I was all for going to the Oak Room to meet her. The first thing I noticed is that she’s super tiny, the second thing I noticed is that she’s super nice. Alyssa happened to come across an article about her in Rolling Stone so she brought it to get signed. After she signed it, my girl Sheryl remembered that she had yet to shake my hand so she initiated the best-friendship – which is good because I would not have let her off the hook. My name is Lidia and it’s nice to meet you, Sheryl – and I’m not letting you get away without hearing it!

She smiled for my photo

She smiled for my photo

We couldn’t get a photo with her because she was in and out really quickly, but we stayed afterward and hung out with all 5 people who actually showed up to the after party. And by “hung out” I mean we sat by ourselves and had all the free cheese and salad and wine.

Little keepsake

Little keepsake

Then we left the plaza to head back home and Alyssa stepped on a rat – just a little reminder of our real place in this world after a night of luxury.

Random food at the Oak Room

Weird midnight dinner at the Oak Room?

Harry Potter <3s Beauty Bar

I definitely picked the right city to live in since my number one hobby is celeb stalking. Last week alone I had 3 encounters of the celebrity kind  – I saw the guy who plays Ben on Lost in the women’s coat section of Macy’s, Dave Annable from Brothers and Sisters and the best one yet, Daniel Radcliffe.

We didn't get a picture together -  but if we had, it would have looked something like this.

We didn’t get a picture together – but if we had, it would have looked something like this.

I was just hanging out up the street at Beauty Bar when a small man bumped into me. I thought he looked familiar so I stared at him, and when he said “Sorrayy it’s so crowded in heahh” (that’s how you write in a British accent), it hit me that it was Harry freaking Potter. Naturally we followed him and lingered for a while in his vicinity until we (not me) had the courage to ask him for a photo. He said no. Shut down.


He was very nice though and chatted with us about how great the music at Beauty Bar is. It is good, Dan. I agree. Anyway we left him alone because he was busy dancing with his tall girlfriend – but now I can say I totes KNOW Harry Potter.

We hung out with horses afterward.

We hung out with horses afterward.

UMM he apparently also got into a fight, which I missed!


You don’t want my pinot grigio?!

Last night all my housewife dreams came true and Ramona Singer hosted a free wine tasting down the street from my office. Obviously I recruited the only other two ladies in my office and we sped over to try her famous pinot grigio and surprisingly refreshing new red wine. Now I know how she chugs it all day long – it goes down like water. Anyway, I mostly just wanted to hear speak in person. I was somewhat disappointed by how pleasant she was (and very tiny in person) – I was hoping for some Ramona moments, but she is all business after all. Luckily she brought her crazy eyes with her, though.

Check out some photos of my new BFF Ramona and me:

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See more pictures HERE

Unrelated: In sad fat people news, RIP Twinkies

Coney Island adventure

My biddie and I were waiting for the subway to South Street Seaport when the Coney Island-bound train came – tempting. We got on. Forty five minutes later we were in a wonderland of hot dogs and foreigners. Barring the unfortunate event of my sunglasses falling in a toilet, it was a lovely impromptu adventure.

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**Celeb sighting update this weekend: There was some sort of Food Network stars hang out session happening at Daddy-O. But it was only lame Food Network stars like that lady with the hair, Anne Burrell, who was not very nice, and Claire Robinson, who either has a very judgmental eye or a big lesbian crush on my roommate.

The big citay

I’ve officially lived in NYC for 3 days. Here is what I’ve learned:

Celebrities are plentiful. On my second day here, I spotted Miranda from Sex and the City and Alec Baldwin. I think the Alec Baldwin sighting was to make up for the fact that Miranda is the worst celeb sighting ever. What am I supposed to say to her? “Congratulations, you’re everyone’s least favorite character.”

Oh hey, Alec

Decorating is fun

Wait, is that an Ikea showroom? Pretty much.

My picture frames are empty because I have no friends or family

And you don’t need much to make a big statement. This pone hanging from straws is just what our living room needed, don’t you think?

The poor man’s chandelier

And lastly, It’s all about appearances

Bet you thought I had my life together…

I’m too busy for you!

I’ve been neglecting my loyal followers due to the fact that I got a promotion/actual job. Last week, I experienced what it’s like to actually have work to do every minute of an 8-hour work day and Mid-day Marg got left in the dust. However, since I am a master multi-tasker, I will not let that happen again. Also, I promise not to let this become a site solely for Lidia’s weekend re-caps because I realize no one cares. So with that in mind, let me tell you what I did this weekend!

I took advantage of non-blizzard weather and free Rangers tickets and finally went to the city after months of neglect on my part (sorry, NYC). So, since I’m an authority on life, here are some lessons I learned on my trip:

1. If you want to be fancy and cool, go to The Jane. At first I was hesitant when my lady wanted to go all the way from the upper east side, down to the lower west side and then back up to Madison Square Garden just to have a $14 drink at some bar she saw on “How to Make it In America.” But it was worth it. Besides the small embarrassment of trying to walk into the coat closet while looking for the bar (“um guys, that’s a closet”), we totally fit into the exclusive Jane environment.

- Hey, Jane -

Cool things about The Jane:

  • Eclectic India-themed decorations from the early 1900s mixed with a disco ball and a DJ table.
  • Titanic survivors stayed there.
  • Chuck Bass look-a-likes go there.
  • Babies go there.
  • You get kicked out at 6:30 for all the fancy people and their private events.
  • The drinks have names like “Punjab” and “Raja” and you will be gone after one.

2. NHL games are so classy that you can get a straw with your beer.

- From the "Punjab" to the "Bud Light" -

3. French Canadians are crazy and they smell bad. They are also have better sportsmanship than Americans.

- Hey, marathon -

4. If you love rap and being the only white person in the room, go to “Happy Ending” on the lower east side. Once you get past the sketchy Chinese sign in the front that says “Health Club,” you’ll be able to enjoy your fair share of DMX. Just don’t request “Cat Daddy.”

5. Running a marathon does not look fun.

* Celeb sighting: Margot Robbie from Pan Am was at the Rangers game. I only really saw her on the screen, but I totally could have hung out with her if I wanted to….