Finding Nemo

If you haven’t heard, it’s going to snow. Not just any blizzard, though. According to it’s going to be a “historic, crippling blizzard.” Being part of the media, I usually defend it, but not this time. Stop scaring us! I’m afraid of 2 inches let alone a “thunder snow storm” named Nemo. What is that name anyway? Nemo is a tame tropical fish. This thing should be called Nancy. Because anyone named Nancy sounds like a real B.

Get our of here, Nancy. You’re tacky and I hate you.


I found you!


Happy Leap Day…

It’s supposed to be March 1st right now but since we’ve been lucky enough to have such a mild winter, we needed an extra day in February to drag it out. In honor of February 29, Mother Nature has blessed us with the unholiest of gifts.



Happy winter (or let’s just not do that this year?)

I’m not a global warming fan – I like polar bears and you know, life on earth. But today is the first official day of winter (or the Winter Solstice if you like to be weird and consider it a holiday) and I am not hating this 54 degree weather. I guess we deserved it after the Halloween blizzard that ruined my life. I’m just glad I don’t live in Colorado where they got pummeled with 17 inches of God’s prank on humanity (I don’t like snow). But those people out there like to ski and stuff so whatever, they like it.

And so a new season starts…

- Winter 2012? -


(Not) Feeling Halloweenie (part 4)

- Happy Halloween, kids -

Happy Halloween! Or for everyone fortunate enough to live in upper Fairfield County – Happy snow day. To the horror of the neighborhood children, Halloween has been canceled. An official trick-or-treating ban is in place! All children who wish to collect candy without being electrocuted by live wires in the streets are to report to the mall for the lamest trick-or-treating experience ever. Who wants to trick-or-treat at Sears?

After this weekend, it’s safe to say that snow storms in October have made my top 5 most hated things ever. Nature is a smart lady – she snows in the winter after all the leaves have fallen. But she’s been pissed off this year, so she played a Halloween trick on us and dumped 15 inches of snow on top of lush trees, and guess what. They fell. They fell on top of power lines and houses and they blocked streets and canceled Halloween parties. And the plows decided to take the day off. Cool.

- News Times -

Of course who was out and about in the middle of all of this? My family – driving to a wedding in the middle of a blizzard and almost dying. After 4 excruciating hours of skidding and waiting in traffic, we finally made it to the wedding, which was being powered by a generator. If it were me, I would have balled up in a corner and refused to get married that day, but not this bride. After off-roading in her limo and getting stuck in a ditch for an hour and a half, her reaction was “At least it’s not raining. Rain would have been much worse.” That could not be more false, but I admire her optimism. Anyway, the wedding went on smoothly.

- Trecking home -

- How I feel after walking through a foot of snow in a dress -

Two life-threatening car rides later and a half-night’s sleep on a couch and I was back home to the gorgeous site of fallen trees and branches, broken power lines and a house with no electricity or heat. So, excuse me for being a Deb. but I am not feeling very Halloweenie on this Halloween. I have been deprived of a shower and proper use of my costume.

- Main Street Danbury (News Times) -

My idea was to share some fun Halloween costumes from my Catholic school days, but seeing as I could not feel my toes last night let alone search through photo albums and scan pictures, that plan has been foiled.

Instead I did this with my sister:


- The sis. making a little garage barbeque hot chocolate -

What’s your problem, nature?

- Incorrect -

I have a serious beef with Mother Nature this year. First she sends that huge B, Irene, to ruin the last weekend of summer and now she’s trying to kill Halloween weekend with snow. Snow.

First of all, did she forget that this is Connecticut, not Canada or like…Minnesota? Snow happens in the winter, not the fall. So, you can imagine my extreme horror and confusion when I read this:

“A winter storm watch has been issued by the National Weather Service for Northern Fairfield County. The watch is set to begin Saturday afternoon and end Sunday morning…. a major storm is expected to blow through the state, bringing with it rain, several inches of snow and winds — 60 miles per hour in some areas — as high as those measured during Hurricane Irene, Simmons says. According to Simmons, the shoreline will see between 3 to 6 inches of snow, while inland areas, including the Danbury region, could see from 6 to 10 inches of snow.” –News Times

- Like I said, this isn't Canada -

I can’t think of a worse day for this snow-hole to come around. Not only do I have to wear a little dress and peep-toes heels to a wedding, but I was planning on getting my Peter Pan on afterward. Is my lack of 4-wheel-drive really going to hinder my ability to go out for Halloween? And also, doesn’t the snow know that Halloween costumes are supposed to be skimpy? That’s why the pagans decided Halloween should be in the fall.

The best part of this whole thing is that it’s going to be sunny and lovely on Sunday and Monday, meaning that this is a deliberate attempt on nature’s part to ruin adult Halloween. The kids will be safe for trick-or-treating on Monday, which is unnecessary because their moms make them wear turtlenecks under their costumes anyway.

In conclusion, I am asking the snow to please stick to the original plan of “light dusting.” Or better yet, just stay the F away from me!