The Games of Hunger

I joined the masses and read and watched The Hunger Games. The book was entertaining (reminiscent of Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery”), and only took me two days to read, and I really liked the movie too.

I saw Stanley Tucci at the airport once - we're friends.

Here are some things I liked about the movie:

– Katniss looks like my sister.
– The movie stays true to the book.
– I didn’t realize Elizabeth Banks and Woody Harrelson are in it.
– Stanley Tucci is hilarious with his blue hair and his laugh.
– The sponsors send Katniss body glitter to heal her burns – def. an essential survival tool.
– District 12 looks like the 1930s.
– Liam Hemsworth is hot.

Oh hey, Liam...

Things I didn’t like:

– Jennifer Lawrence with her bodacious body is the last person I would believe to have led a life of starvation.

So emaciated...

– Lenny Kravitz is weirdly sexual as Cinna.
– People die.
– Peeta is cute, but too short for Katniss.
– Liam Hemsworth is dating Miley Cyrus.

Someone wishes Jen wore flats.


3 thoughts on “The Games of Hunger

  1. You just rose 80 points in my book because you know what The Lottery is. That puts you at, like, +11 points, only because of your horrible Twilight affliction.

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