Feeling Halloweenie (part 2)

As you may recall from “How to <3 College (Part 1),” Halloween is a very important part of college. And the group costume is a very important part of Halloween in college.

Nowadays, the Spice Girls may not seem like such an original theme for a group costume. Ever since their comeback reunion tour (which I attended, of course. But we’ll get to that later), they have come back onto people’s radars. By Halloween of my sophomore year, though, the Spice Girls were still safely tucked away in 90s pop-culture obscurity.

Being blond, I was assigned the role of Baby Spice, which is not a very impressive costume save for these shoes:

The others were also easy to assign and execute. But then there’s Geri, Ginger Spice – the odd one. How many groups of friends actually include a ginger? Probably not many. After assigning all the parts, Lady K was left with no identity and forced to take on the dreaded Ginger Spice costume. Anyone else might have complained, but Lady K owned the part and even volunteered to wear a nasty red wig. That’s taking one for the team. So, because of this, and because the costume ended up being a masterpiece, I am going to feature it instead of mine.

On a lovely fall afternoon, instead of watching TV, doing laundry or day drinking, Lady K and I embarked on the most intense arts and crafts session I had ever been involved in (until the aforementioned Spice Girls reunion concert). We spent hours on end holed up in a dorm room pouring our blood, sweat and tears into an ugly blue dress purchased at Rave.

I give you Ginger Spice:

What you need –

  • Blue dress (may need to be cut and hemmed in order to be slutty enough)
  • Red Wig
  • Red stripper shoes
  • Red and white electrical tape
  • An iron

If you haven’t figured it out from the picture, you are going to be creating the Union Jack out of electrical tape. Study a picture of the British flag and recreate it on the dress. As you put down each piece of tape, cover it with a piece of fabric and iron it down – basically melting it into the dress, but don’t forget to put something inside the dress so it doesn’t stick to itself. Rinse and repeat until complete – probs. about 5 or 6 hours.

After successfully completing this feat, Lady K and I fancied ourselves experts in the field of creating Union Jack clothing, so we volunteered to create sequined t-shirts for the Spice Girls reunion concert. I’m not going to say it was the worst, but I will say that was the first and last time I will ever glue individual blue sequins onto 4 separate shirts. Here’s the end result:

So if you are in need of an awesome group Halloween costume, try out the Spice Girls. Just know that I will personally judge you if you half-ass it. Have fun with that electrical tape!


3 thoughts on “Feeling Halloweenie (part 2)

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