Feeling Halloweenie? (part 5)

I wanted to post some childhood Halloween costume gems back in October, but due to the forces of nature I didn’t have the chance to look for photos in my cold, dark house. I did, however, have time to go through old pictures on my days off for Christmas. So seeing as we had snow on Halloween and 50 degree weather on Christmas anyway, it doesn’t seem so inappropriate to do Halloween post now.

Halloween costume awards:

Sluttiest: Go-go dancer, 5th grade.

Case in point, I recycled the same costume senior year of college.

Most ahead of the times: Cat, 2nd grade. I knew leotards were acceptable outerwear before “Destiny” even gave birth to Beyonce.

Effing weirest: (guest costume) Lamb, my sister, 1st grade. Why?

GRAND PRIZE goes to most un-PC costume: Hindu, 4th grade.


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