You do you, Dev

So I’ve been loving Dev ever since “Like a G6” – she basically makes that song. And I love her new song “In the dark.” But I recently watched the video and all I have to say is: holy Gaga hands. Usually I criticize Lady Gaga for ripping people off, but this time she’s been robbed of her stupid little claw-hand trademark.

I know you are trying to be cool and quirky and off-beat, Dev, but copying someone else who also tries to be those things kind of defeats the purpose. How are you going to use Gaga’s signature monster claw/paw/contorted hand and pass it off as your own?

Even the “But You’re Like Really Pretty” guy (yes it’s a guy) used those hands for his submission in some Lady Gaga contest. That’s how “Gaga” they are.



Another good one:


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