Real-life Fox and the Hound story

I never liked the movie The Fox and the Hound because it’s just so sad that they can’t be friends! But a Greenwich foxhound, appropriately named Mama, is showing Disney that they don’t know what they’re talking about. She has adopted baby foxes as her own. These cute animal stories always get me.

“Call it an unlikely friendship.

Putting a foxhound and four foxes in a room together is not a situation you would expect to end well. As its name so succinctly suggests, the foxhound is bred to hunt and kill foxes.

But, as the case was at the LEO Zoological Conservation Center in Greenwich last month, nature doesn’t always follow the rules.

In a most unlikely pairing of animals, an American foxhound rescue dog named Mama nursed four North African fennec foxes for five weeks at the private zoo, located in backcountry Greenwich at Lionshare Farm.” – Read the full story from the Greenwich Time

- Greenwich Time -

- Greenwich Time -


2 thoughts on “Real-life Fox and the Hound story

  1. These enchanting animals were the joy in my day today as I met :Mama Nell” & the Fennec Foxes of Greenwich~ A beautiful touching great because it’s true story unfolds as the “Hound & the Foxes” make strides in teaching us all about love…

  2. You may have just killed my productivity Lidia. This blog is a riot. I lol’d at the “so you wanna date my friend?” post.


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