“Bad Teacher,” Good Time

I had a great Sunday yesterday: frying myself out by the pool all day, followed by margaritas with the ladies and then the movies to see “Bad Teacher.”

The movie was the perfect ending to a relaxing Sunday. It’s funny but definitely not in the same league as some of Jason Segel‘s other movies like “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” or “I Love you Man.” Still, it’s a good mix of vulgar humor and just a tad of cuteness – the loser in school does not end up getting the hot girl, but the gym teacher does land the bad-ass sex-pot teacher. And unlike most Cameron Diaz movies, it’s not a chick flick.

In fact, I really liked Cameron as a blunt, manipulative bitch instead of her usual role of ditzy blond trying to get the guy. Elizabeth, Cameron’s character’s main goal in the movie is to save up enough money to get a boob job so she can bag a rich husband and never have to work as a teacher another day in her life. She sets her sights on the new substitute teacher and heir to a watch fortune played by Justin Timberake. Unfortunately, not only is he absolutely weird, but he falls in love with Elizabeth’s arch nemesis and total nutcase, Ms. Squirrel played by Lucy Punch. In the end, though, Jason Segel, the lowly gym teacher, wins Elizabeth over.

The main cast of Cameron, Justin, Jason and Lucy is definitely a good combo, but there are some hidden-gem performances and cameos. First off I didn’t even realize until almost half way through the movie that Eric Stonestreet who plays the lovably gay Cameron in “Modern Family” plays Elizabeth’s weirdo biker-dude roommate in this movie.

My favorite character in the whole movie is Lynn played by Phyliss Smith who plays Phyllis in “The Office.” Lynn, a teacher at Elizabeth’s school, is sweet and insecure and always plays by the rules, but she idolizes Elizabeth and tries to be like her right down to standing with her hand on her popped hip.

And here’s what “Bad Teacher” can claim: It officially contains the most awkward sex scene I have ever seen in a movie – a graphic dry-humping session.


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