Congratulations, Gays of New York!

Congrats to New York for joining its neighbor, Connecticut, and becoming the sixth and largest state to legalize gay marriage. As a trend-setting state, hopefully New York will spark movement from the rest of the country.

- NYC Gay Pride Parade June 26, 2011 (Getty Images) -

 See the whole sideshow here: CT Post

On a related note, I have a bone to pick with my friend Andy Cohen: stop awkwardly asking people if the support gay marriage! I know that Andy is a journalist of sorts, and obviously as a journalist, I support asking the difficult questions. However when you are doing light-hearted interviews on “Watch What Happens Live,” it becomes a little weird. Last night he put OC Housewife Vicki Gunvalson in the awkward position of answering that question. She said “yes” so as not to offend Andy, but I’m pretty sure she doesn’t support gay marriage. I love Vicki to the end, but she’s a Midwest Bible freak through and through. This comes after he asked the newly crowned Miss USA the same question and she stumbled to answer. It just makes for weird TV that’s all.


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