All about Winona

People have been making a big deal about the 20th anniversary of Reality Bites. I had never seen it mostly because I was 6 in 1994, but also because I thought I hated Winona Ryder.

But once I really thought about it (for like 5 minutes), I realized I don’t hate Winona. In fact, I’m kind of all about her. Some of the best movies of my childhood star Winona. So I watched Reality Bites, and now I’ll give you my top Winona movies starting with one of my all-time favorite movies starring anyone..

1. Great Balls of Fire

lfThis movie used to be on HBO all the time when I was little and I used to watch it multiple times a week. I loved scandalous movies, so a plot line involving a 13-year-old marrying her adult cousin was right up my ally.

great_balls_of_fireI also dreamed of living in the house Jerry Lee Lewis buys her.

Can I have it?

Can I have it?

2. Mermaids

tumblr_kr18t734BY1qzoaqio1_500My first memory of this one is asking my mom if I could rent it because I thought it was actually about mermaids. It’s not – it’s about a girl who wants to be a nun but thinks she’s pregnant after making out with a bus driver. Even better.

tumblr_moo5q70tBK1s634wno1_500Also it has a great soundtrack because Cher is in it. And baby Christina Ricci is always good.

3. Edward Scissor Hands



I was (kind of still am) weirdly obsessed with modular homes and 60s suburbs, so I mainly liked this movie because of where they live. But also a good “Beauty and the Beast” story never fails. And blonde Winona is a nice change.

Can I have the "Great Balls of Fire House in the Edward Scissor Hands neighborhood?

Can I have the “Great Balls of Fire” House in the “Edward Scissor Hands” neighborhood?

4. Reality Bites

realitybitesI actually really liked this movie. It’s directed by Ben Stiller and it’s super 90s, which is so in right now. It’s basically about people freaking out after they graduate college – still relevant. rb30

Were people actually obsessed with pizza and Big Gulps at the time? Or is it just a Texas thing?

5. Heathers

dd6a1b37de8962061c4d68dd05e8fd07This movies is a little too weird even for me, and I hate Christian Slater a lot. But it’s still good in a really morbid way. Who thinks of making a movie about teenagers that accidentally make suicide a trendy thing to do?

Heathers6. Little Women

No one cares, Jo

No one cares, Jo

This may be the movie that made me think I hated Winona. Jo is so annoying – but whatever it’s a classic and Kirsten Dunst is one of my favs.

7. Beetlejuice



I don’t like Beetlejuice. I only added it to this list because I was asked if I was named after the girl in Beetlejuice my entire childhood. It did come out the same year I was born, but obviously not. My parents aren’t freaks.


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