I’m basically part of the SNL cast

This guy

This guy

So remember how a week and a half ago I Googled and posted a photo about this Colin Jost guy (and haven’t posted anything since)? Well I met him this weekend. Weird. If this is going to be new thing that happend I need to start posting way more about Leo.

Anyway, in a magical turn of events I ended up alone and surrounded by the entire cast of SNL celebrating Seth Meyers’ last show (sans Keenan and Drunk Uncle unfortunately) but plus Melissa McCarthy and Seth Meyer’s brother who reminded me I knew him from this:

Remember Randy?

Remember Randy?

I didn’t take any photos, so I could be making the whole thing up – but I’m not. Also, Melissa McCarthy thinks I’m funny. I made her laugh by saying something about Beyonce and surfboards (?) – maybe she was just being polite, but probably not because my jokes are usually hilarious. I just wish I could have sat her down to discuss Gilmore Girls.

fdb36e6cece32ceb79ea19f3cd441d30.584x329x24Other highlights: Seth Meyers.



My biggest takeaway though is that these people are animals. I left at 7:00am completely distraught that I was not in my bed before the sun came up, and they were all still going – and some of them are like kind of old. Impressed.

In other celebrity news, on Friday I called out Adam Levine for his sunless tanner by telling him he was “really tan for wintertime.” So smooth.



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