American Hustle: An in-depth look into Amy Adams’ sternum


I finally saw “American Hustle” (for free thanks to my pirate friend). I went into it with a tainted perspective thanks to a friend telling us how much it sucks (thanks Pat). I, however, did not think it sucked.

I thought it was hilarious, and I was completely entertained the whole time thanks to great acting, 70s music, outrageous outfits and an over-the-top plot line. It’s one of those plot-twist movies that has you trying to figure out the end the whole time, and that’s really what drives the movie.


You don’t really get to like the characters mostly because they are awful people, but also because we only get a bare-bones look into why they are the way they are. But that kind of doesn’t matter – all that matters is that they are all screwed up, and they spend the movie screwing over un-screwed-up people.

Earlier this week I criticized Jennifer Lawrence for this faux pas:

jennifer-lawrence-the-little-mermaidBut she redeemed herself in my eyes by being the best part of “American Hustle.” She seems like a pretty intelligent person, but she kills it as an idiot.

tumblr_mug9vhqB4f1qabls9o1_250She should really do more comedy. Her shining moments include a long monologue about the smell of her nail polish, setting a “science oven” on fire, and a lip-sync performance of “Live and Let Die” in front of her son while dusting the house that really gave me a glimpse into my future self. I will 100% make my children watch me sing and dance.


Louis C.K. is underrated as Bradley Cooper’s poor boss who get’s the brunt of Brad’s insanity. And speaking of, I’m a little tired of him playing the crazy card. He’s definitely a good actor, and this movie is no exception (his hair is also awesome/nasty), but we’ve already seen him do this kind of thing in Silver Linings Playbook. And again, speaking of, have Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence signed a friendship pact that they will only do movies together? They have another one coming out about the Depression of something.

american-hustle02Amy Adams and Christian Bale are both equally good as the lead roles, despite how repulsive Christian managed to look.


In conclusion, great movie. I expect a supporting actress win for Jen (I’m on a first-name basis with all of Hollywood), and maybe a best screen play.

Amy Adams;Jennifer Lawrence

2014 Oscar Nominees


8 thoughts on “American Hustle: An in-depth look into Amy Adams’ sternum

  1. “It’s one of those plot-twist movies that has you trying to figure out the end the whole time, and that’s really what drives the movie.”

    There isnt a plot twist in the entire movie. Unless you classify them going after con-men and then somehow switching to politicians a plot twist. Come on Lidia, you’re better than this.

    • The end is a plot twist Pat….you’re led to believe the whole movie is going in a different direction.

      Pat+Dave 4eva I guess

  2. I actually liked the characters. Well, most of them. Bale’s character did feel guilty for a lot of what he did. You are right about Lawrence, she was both hilarious and fantastic. Great film.

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