Stomp the divots!

Since I wasn’t able to go to Prince Harry’s polo match in Greenwich, I decided to slum it and go to a non-royal one.

Since I’m already très high-class, I didn’t have to do much in preparation besides go on a late night shopping spree for fancy food. I already have a sun hat and appropriate polo dressby Richard Gere’s standards.

See? Uncanny

See? Uncanny

Although, I think I was excluded from the VIP tent because I was channeling Julia Roberts a la prostitute. It’s fine, I never want to sit with that lunatic George Costanza anyway.

Does not look fun

Does not look fun

Fashion aside, one of the highlights of the day was getting lost in a really bad part of Greenwich, CT – and by “really bad,” I mean dripping in diamonds. We ended up driving through some horse farm thinking it was the polo field, and discovered wonderland. The 30-foot garden gnome was cool, but the 43-foot dog made out of flowers was fate.

puppy-4At first it just looked like a big mountain of flowers and then as we drove around it, it took shape. The shape of a dog. This in itself is weird, but not that weird. What is that weird is that the the next night I was sitting home flipping through an old issue of New York Magazine, and what do I see? The flower dog! I don’t know what it means, but it means something.

In a bizarre twist of fate...

In a bizarre twist of fate…

Apparently it’s called “Puppy” and was named “artwork of the decade.” I feel so cultured now.

"Puppy" is well-traveled

“Puppy” is well-traveled

“Today it sits on his 53-acre estate in Greenwich, Connecticut where it costs a reported $75,000 a year to maintain. Obviously the flowers die with the Connecticut frosts, which is a shame, but there is the whole rebirth in the spring thing. Each spring ten men work for twelve days replanting the tens of thousands of annual flowers that form Puppy.” – Rando dog site

Gloomy day in the English country-side

Gloomy day in the English country-side

The actual “sport of kings” is really pretty boring – as I assume most kingly things are – except when the horses escape from their 1-inch-high barrier and charge into the crowd. Note to the women who wheeled their grandmother onto the field and almost got trampled: leave grams at home.

Then they played some Bruno Mars to get us amped up to stomp the divots!



All in all it was fun – we got drunk off champagne, ate figs, kicked some grass, tried to spot Gatsby (what Gatsby?)

There he is

There he is

And got our photo in the paper (thanks to moi).





One thought on “Stomp the divots!

  1. Puppy is weird. If you read this in the next two hours, since you are the hip NYC chick, post a cool place to go out near Prospect Park. We need entertainment.

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