Us Weekly gives us a shout-out

One of my little (medium-sized) local newspapers got a mention in Us Weekly yesterday, how fab!

Def. not thirsty.... -CT Post

Def. not thirsty….
-CT Post

Apparently CT people are just crazy about the Hoff. Crazy enough to put a Cumberland Farms employee in critical condition. I have never actually been to a Cumberland Farms, so I can proudly say this did not happen in or around my hometown. It happened in Shelton…who even lives there?

“Life-sized cutouts of David Hasselhoff have been getting stolen from Cumberland Farms convenience stores, with the latest incident happening in Shelton, Connecticut. On Tuesday, Aug. 20, two life-sized cutouts of the former Baywatch star were stolen at the convenience store — and a 36-year-old employee was injured in the resulting melee.” – Us Weekly

Anyway, I guess Us Weekly found it ammusing and grabbed the story from the CT Post. Thanks for the page views, guys!


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