Not knowing about the White House

(A photographic tour)


I took a very Betsy/Arlene tour of DC this weekend. I’ll share some highlights:

We came up to this guy unsure of what building it was.

1002837_10101323815495021_980245927_nUpon further inspection, we thought it might be the White House, but we weren’t sure. There were some people taking photos in front of it, but not many. And there was no line of people or tour of any sort happening. We didn’t want to ask – because that’s embarrassing – so we contemplating pretending to be foreign and confused.

998193_10101323825579811_1646431050_nThen we I had the genius idea of Googling images of the White House for comparison, but it’s shown from two different angles, so still not sure…

Finally we found a plaque stating that this white house was, in fact, THE White House. So we took some photos in front of it.

10351_10101323824591791_275616494_nThen we walked all the way around it – there’s the line we were looking for.

"Ooooh I figured it out."

“Ooooh I figured it out.”

Of course the one time I visit DC, the Washington Monument is covered in scaffolding. It’s my least favorite monument anyway.


And I got to see it in the distance from a roof-top pool.


My cousin was too hung over, so this is as close to the Capitol Building as we got


Also, we drove by the Lincoln Memorial

The side of the Lincoln Memorial at 20 mph

The side of the Lincoln Memorial at 20 mph

A small tornado passed through the area and ended in a magical rainbow.


I tried Shake Shack for the first time because there actually wasn’t a 5-mile line wrapped around the building (granted it was 2am).


I finally had the lobster roll I’ve been craving.


I saw these kids playing


And I rode the subway, which is a clean, pleasant and sunny experience



All in all, very successful trip to my nation’s capitol. Mr. President, I shall be back. And next time, I’ll know where you live.


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