Invite me to the ball

CindyStairs sm[1]Ball gowns cheer me up when I’m sick, so I was happy to turn on the TV last night just in time to catch Cinderella getting her dress and making it to the ball. But then I remembered there was a real-life gala happening so close, yet so far away from me (the curse of NYC) right in town. Unfortunately not too many of the gowns cured my nausea.

A few people actually participated in the punk theme, like Christina Ricci who is totally irrelevant, but looks kind of cool like a Tim Burton character.

punkEven SJP rocked a mohawk-inspired head piece – also known as a gladiator helmet. I like it.


Then there was an abundance of black cut-out dresses. I give this round to Miranda Kerr.


New hair-dos were debuted, like Nicole Ritchie’s Ursula-inspired grandma hair.


I regrettably don’t hate Anne Hathaway’s blonde look. If I had been living under a rock since the Princess Diaries and saw her for the first time here, I’d say she looked good – however she just can’t pull the look off because it clashes with her sad personality.


The Olson twins showed up as the good and wicked witches.

olsonsKristen Stewart looked nasty and Kim K looked like a floral balloon.


Nicki Minaj was confused and unamused.


And WHY is Sandra Lee always invited?!




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