Lyrical Genius (Vol. 10)

khloe-kardashian-x-factor-mac-duggal-dress-charlotte-olympia-ursula-sandalsI was on my way to get my hurr did after work last night, and the radio dj started saying something about Khloe Kardashian being kicked off of X-Factor and something else about “listen to the new single from the X-Factor winners!”

I was too busy thinking about my future highlights to pay too much attention, so I don’t actually know if they were the winners or not – what I do know is that these little dweebs have a single about how much of a loser Khloe Kardashian is. They must have some nerve. I mean yeah she’s kind of an Amazon and has been called a dude on multiple occasions, but she’s still way more famous than these stupid kids.

Read the lyrics to “Chloe” by Emblem3 and tell me these baby d-bags don’t need a reality check. They may or may not have won the X-Factor while Khloe was fired for showing her nipples and generally sucking at the job, but I still don’t think she’s looking for reassurance from the spawn of One Direction.

THE X FACTOR:  Emblem3


Chloe, I know your sister turns everyone on
But you’re the one I want
But you’re the one I want, yeah

Yeah, front page magazine
Everybody says that she’s the queen
But that’s you to me
And I just want to let let you know that
She likes the flashing lights
I love the way that you like candle lights
Stay close by my side
I just want a chance to show that

If only you could believe in yourself the way I believe in you

Although, props to whoever wrote this song for the Kimye referece, “she like the flashing lights.” HERE is a link if you want to listen to the song, but I can see what links people click on from my blog, and if I see that you listened to this song, I will judge you.


At the same time, though….Khloe’s not doing herself any favors…


3 thoughts on “Lyrical Genius (Vol. 10)

  1. Don’t even want to see those (I assume) NatGeo nipples. Good Irish Name, I’m following the shit out of your blog now that I’m only partially employed and in school, so do not slack.

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