Off to see the wizard

oz-the-great-and-powerful-poster-1Fake St. Patrick’s Day on Saturday was a little rough, so instead of celebrating my heritage on real St. Patrick’s Day on Sunday, I saw Oz the Great and Powerful (NOT in 3D because I don’t like to pay an extra $3 for a migraine) with my roommate and a ton of gay guys in Chelsea – I think we missed a memo of sorts. I also think the the guy next to me missed a memo and thought he was watching Willie Wonka (understandable what with the magical land and all) because he was eating Twizzlers by the fist full and washing them down with Coke and Starburst.

Oh hey, James

Oh hey, James

Anyway, The Wizard of Oz hold a special place in my heart because it was my potty training movie (TMI?). Yes, my prize for using the bathroom like a big girl was The Wizard of Oz on VHS, and I really wanted that movie. I had little plastic ruby red slippers that I hoped would take me to Glinda, the most sparkly pink woman I had ever seen. They didn’t, but I did eventually ditch the diapers and hold the most coveted prize in my hands.

1256ANYWAY, so the movie…I thought the movie was really cute, and James Franco was also really cute in his pin curls. Like in the original movie, it starts out sepia-toned, and some of the characters from his real life in Kansas manifest into characters in Oz. Only in this part of the story, the wizard is better off in Oz than he is in his real life because he’s kind of an ass. All the good things he can’t do for the people in his life in Kansas, he is able to do for them in Oz.

1362754389_mila-kunis-james-franco-oz-467I liked James Franco as Oz, and Rachel Weisz as Evanora, but I didn’t love the other two witches. Spolier alert (get over it): Mila Kunis becomes the Wicked Witch of the West and turns green after she is scorned by James Franco (because, like I said, he’s kind of an ass). She was good in the beginning as a sweet witch, and she’s even believable as a really pissed off witch, but her kind of New-York-ish accent and round face make a weird Wicked Witch of the West.


Real weird looking

In fact, they could have given her a blonde wig and she would have been a good Glinda. It’s not that Michelle Williams was bad as Glinda, it’s just that she looks ugly and she bothers me.

A couple other notes on Glinda: her dresses sucked. Where is the big poofy pink dress? That’s the best part about her! She does travel in a bubble, which is a pretty good part. Also, I knew she was the Good Witch of the North in The Wizard of Oz, and she is the Good Witch of the South in this one. I mean, maybe she moved? I didn’t think so, so we looked it up and it turns out in the book, she’s from the South, and there is also one in the North, but they sort of combined them in the movies. Who would even know that? Who even reads? I guess I could ask….who even cares? I do.

Fine, I guess the original Glinda is kind of fug too

Fine, I guess the original Glinda isn’t gorg either…

All in all, it was entertaining, and it’s fun to pick out the little hints back to the original movie, which takes place 20 years after this one. Also, it’s two hours long, which is shorter than I anticipated – luckily because I was going to pee my pants when it was over….Pavlov’s Dog?


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