Adele has an Oscar

Adele is my age and she has a million Grammys, and an Oscar and a husband and baby….I found a surprise $20 in my wallet this weekend.


Anyway, the Oscars last night were kind of boring and Seth MacFarlane was really awkward and not funny so I didn’t stay up for the whole thing, and I missed Argo win and Jennifer Lawrence fall.


What I did see is Kristen Stewart arrive hung over and on crutches with bruises on her arms. I’d like to give her the benefit of the doubt and say maybe her presenting was so bad because she’s on pain killers for her mysterious injury, but I know it’s more because she just don’t curr. A shower wouldn’t kill you though, girl.


Sup, girl?

I also saw Paul Rudd and Melissa McCarthy accept the award for the worst hair duo ever, Catherine Zeta Jones got wild on stage and Anne Hathaway regrettably won an award for being Mis.

Speaking of Anne Hathaway, let’s talk about her early millennium un-chic dress. It was nasty, and her hair is nasty (Charlize owned her in the man hair department). I just don’t understand why anyone would choose a dress that looks like something your mom made for you to wear to prom in 1997 in the most unflattering color of all time. Also, stop accentuating your sad drooping shoulders.

Looking at her makes me sad.

On the Jennifers: I just want to mention that people thought Jennifer Aniston’s dress was boring, and they’re right. But I thought it was nice to see her in a ball gown instead of a slinky dress with strappy sandals.


Jennifer Lawrence won best actress and fell up the stairs on her way to accept. I like her more and more every time. Her dress was okay, but it kind of looked like a couch. her dresses have been pretty boring this award season.


When is she going to bring this back?

Jennifer-Lawrence-At-The-2011-Oscars-Red-Carpet-450x382Then there were a lot of sparkles, which is always good.


More recap HERE


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