Throwback movie: ‘The Mighty Ducks’

Yes, I watched “The Mighty Ducks” last night. I watched it because it was on TV, and it’s one of those movies that I say “I used to looove that movie,” but actually don’t remember anything about it. It’s one of the rare boy movies I liked when I was little like “The Sandlot.” But I do remember why I liked “The Sandlot.” Because it’s awesome.


Oh Coach Bombay, why is that your name?

Anyway, here are some possible reasons I found in my nostalgic experiment for why “The Mighty Ducks” holds a special place in my movie memory:

Pacey from “Dawson’s Creek” is Emilio Estevez’s annoying protege.

It’s full of racial and ironic humor – like how the black kid on the ice hockey team scores the first goal of the season.


The 90s was all about making fun of fat kids.

Emilio Estevez is super lame and living way too far in the past. A traumatic moment from a hockey game when he was 10 years old has haunted his life and destroyed his character? Get over it, man. Then at the end he goes off and tries out for the minors? Again, get over it. And his German mentor needs to get over it too with his newspaper clippings of child hockey “stars” from 20 years ago. Also, is there really such a thing as a newspaper all about pee wee hockey? Everyone needs to GET OVER IT.



It’s Danny Tamberelli’s movie debut, which is probably subconsciously why I loved “Pete & Pete” so much.

Emilio Estevez ends up with Pacey’s gross ginger mom, which is actually perfect because he’s gross too.


Your hair looks stupid.

Wait, maybe it was the sequel, “D2,” that I was obsessed with….or D3?


One thought on “Throwback movie: ‘The Mighty Ducks’

  1. Oh man, this film was the shit back then!! I also have fond memories…of nothing. But yes, it was most likely D2 that you were obsessed with. The boys in there were just the right age to crush on. Sigh. You can’t beat a 90s movie.

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