‘Silver Linings Playbook’

Since Jennifer Lawrence seems to be SO in right now, I wanted see what all the fuss is about and went to see that drama about two crazy people. I expected it to be good since everyone is raving about it, but what I didn’t expect it to be was sweet and uplifting. I also wasn’t aware that Julia Stiles is in it. She fittingly plays someone annoying.

It’s a character-driven movie, so the acting is very important, and everyone nails it. Now I understand all the acting awards.

Raisin Bran

Raisin Bran

The story is about two people who have lost everything including their minds for the most part. But they get each other’s weird, and accept each other’s explosive anger issues. It was refreshing to see a movie that tackles such dark issues, but ends happily and with hope.

Bradley Cooper:

Silver-Linings-Playbook-Image-01Bradski suffers from bi-polar disorder and Stevie-Wonder-induced episodes of rage. After 8 months in a mental institute, he moves back in with his adorable mom and his dad, Robert De Niro, who has extreme OCD. But he likes to spend all his time dancing with Katniss.

Jennifer Lawrence:


You can’t outrun her; she’s Katniss

Jen looks like she’s 17, is actually 22, but according to the movie, old enough to have been married for 3 years. She is now completely depressed and messed up because her husband died. She slutted it up for a while, but now she aspires to be a ballroom dancer and run around with Bradley Cooper.

Anyway, just go see it. You’ll leave the theater happy, and you’ll be able to participate in Oscar-related conversations.


2 thoughts on “‘Silver Linings Playbook’

  1. Good review. Just about loved the movie from start to finish and even though it does get a bit conventional by the end, I still can’t lie and say that I didn’t have a big grin on my face the whole time.

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