So mis

I started New Year’s Eve off with a nice afternoon dose of miserable people. What can I say about Les Miserable besides it was good, music was great and it was thoroughly depressing? A few things:

Anne Hathaway: My performance was “eh.”

First of all:

mia_thermopolis copy

But seriously, you could not be more annoying. Not only are you fishing for compliments but you are insulting your own movie. Maybe they should have cast Susan Boyle.

anne-hathaway-les-miserables-fantineI mean, whatever, she was good. Luckily she gets killed off early on in the story so it’s bearable. But the fact that she’s only in it for a short period of time makes me wonder if it was really necessary to chop off all her hair. knowing her, though (as I do personally, clearly) she probably volunteered. “I must suffer for my art!”

“Who am I? I am Jean Valjean:”

Yes! Nailed it!

Yes! Nailed it!

So I know they wanted to stay true to the play and all, but the screen adaptation could have had a little more dialogue, no? I mean I almost fell asleep during a couple Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe songs.

Tiniest waist ever:

movies_les_miserables_still_8Poor Eponine is so tragically in love with the large-mouthed boy who teases her and uses her. It’s too bad she spent her life pining over him – she could have gotten any man with that 3-inch waist of hers. I think Megan Fox has been dethroned of her tiny waist crown.

I looked this Samantha Barks chick up to see if her waist is really that small, and it kind of is.


I knew this guy looked familiar:


He was in “Gossip Girl.”


Just say “I like vewy vewy fin pancakes.”

Did not realize this was Sacha Baron Cohen reprising his role of Jean Girard in Talladega Nights until the credits. A little dose of comedic relief is always welcome after 5 scenes in a row that make you want to die. Those poor, poor miserables. Where is Ursula when you need her?



First of all, I have had a healthy dose of Amanda Seyfried this holiday season. I had a little bonding time with the mom and sis watching Mama Mia Christmas night (girl likes to sing), then the miserable souls, and then I stayed up the other night watching In Time, which was a poor decision.

Wait, who is Jean Valjean?

Wait, who is Jean Valjean?

In true Karen style, Cosette just sits in her bedroom surrounded by a beautiful garden unaware of of everything going on around her. Yes, her mom dies and she has to be raised by the worst people ever, but it all works out for her in the end! You win, Cosette. You always do.

And then there’s this:




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