Breaking Dawn Part Deux

So it’s all over. The Twilight Saga has ended, which hopefully means way less awkward Kristen Stewart interviews on the Today Show.

And hopefully less of her bare ass too.

I don’t have much to say about the movie. It felt a little rushed compared to the others, but that’s somewhat understandable seeing as they based an entire 2-hour movie on the last 50 pages of the book. But they did take a really good approach to presenting the story. I won’t give it away, but if you haven’t read the book in a long time, don’t re-read it before the movie. I had completely forgotten what happened in the book and it made the movie that much better.

Stalking deer – romantic

So basically to sum it all up, there’s some bad acting, some glittering, a sex scene, a CGI baby, a vampire fight, and an anti-climactic ending. I think it’s fine that they decided to go through every actor that has ever been in the movies at the closing credits, but did they really have to do it to a Christina Perri song? Usually the Twilight soundtracks are actually good.

Anyway, what can you say about Twilight? It sucks….and I LOVE it.

Also, while little girls and their moms are weeping that the saga is complete, somewhere in LA Robert Pattinson is giddy that it’s all over:


2 thoughts on “Breaking Dawn Part Deux

  1. I was a good mom & took Olivia to the movie. It was the prolonged pathos-ridden gazing by all of the “good” vampires that really got to me. She probably hated my snide commentary throughout, but I hope I was elevating her critical viewing powers, ya think? or probably just ruined it for her.

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