Jungle Fever

Relax, I just really like safari animals. Here’s some stuff you can buy me:

This expensive pillow is perfect for my new elephant motif bedding (which I just decided I want):


I love to have an array of various animal figurines around my room. Right now I have a couple elephants, a hand-made narwhal that my dad made me and a crocodile from Florida. I think it’s about time I get a giraffe and a lion though:

Kate Spade

Pier 1

I also would like to eat and drink off of jungle animals. I like this zebra because he has a decorative saddle, which means he has been tamed – I don’t like my animals too wild:

C. Wonder

Tea from an elephant trunk, please:

Pier 1

These salt and pepper shakers are also the cutest new pets ever:

Kate Spade

Kate Spade

Wearing safari friends is nothing new to me. I love my J Crew elephant necklace, and i was obsessed with my giraffe one until I accidentally left it in a dressing room and someone snatched it. I bought a boot-leg one off eBay, but it’s just not the same.

J Crew

Lastly, I have too many thoughts in my brilliant mind to share them all here so I like to carry notebooks around with me. My current one is cool and all, but these jungle buddies would be BETTER:

Kate Spade

They’re also great for to-do lists:

Kate Spade

Okay so you have two and a half months until Christmas to mail me these gifts. Thanks.


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