Things that happened and things that will happen

I’ve been neglecting poor Mid-day Marg these days because with my upcoming move to NYC and weddings for days, I’ve been too busy nursing my stress-induced migraines and pimples (TMI?) and making daily trips to TJ Maxx to buy and then return home goods and shoes.

This is going to be me typing away the rambling thoughts that Vogue publishes and that pay for my spacious NYC apartment with a walk-in closet. Oh, wait – no it won’t be because Carrie Bradshaw is a liar.

But I decided to take a small break from having a heart attack to acknowledge some important things happening:

First, Tuesday was Beyonce’s birthday. I didn’t realize this (which is weird since we are best friends) until Tuesday morning when I was pleasantly surprised by a commercial-free Beyonce marathon on Power 105. This is a strange coincidence since a spent a good chunk of Labor Day watching Beyonce videos like this one:

In other news, things are happening in politics…but more importantly, it’s National Waffle Week. Here’s a photo that shows my support for both:

Presidents are just like us!

Lastly, Fashion Week starts today, and apparently Ryan Lochte is the newest up and coming fashion reporter (?). The rumor is that he will be covering Fashion Week for E! News, which makes little to no sense even though he fancies himself a fashion designer because he can barely speak and he wears these:

But due to my illogical love for him, I will watch it. He is also making an appearance on 30 Rock. I may need to retract that previous thought because the more famous he gets, the more my love turns to jealousy.

Just wanted to add this picture.


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