Beach Read: ‘Gone Girl’

I don’t like to browse bookstores because I get extremely overwhelmed. I have commitment issues with books – what if I pick a bad one?! So when choosing a book to bring with me on vacation, I went straight to the trusted New York Times best seller list. Everyone can’t be wrong about a book, right? Well yes, they can be because Fifty Shades of Grey was of course number 1 (through 3), and that just really doesn’t do it for me. The next best thing according to the masses is Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.

It’s a murder-mystery, which sounded great to me because I’m actually kind of morbid and love that stuff. So I lugged the huge hard-cover book with me to the DR.

It’s about a woman who goes missing on the day of her fifth wedding anniversary. It seems pretty obvious that the husband killed her, but nobody knows for absolute sure – not even the reader who goes through the investigation with him. We get the story from both the husband’s point of view and the wife’s.

I could have finished the whole thing in two days, but my vacation was 7-days long so I forced myself to slow down. I can’t say much about the story without giving it away, but it’s just an exciting read. Flynn is so good at manipulating you that you actually feel stupid when the plot twists. But you’re still just as instantly drawn into the new direction of the story as you were in the first part. It’s really a story about perception and the inner-workings of the the characters’ brains, which she develops perfectly.

Also, Reese Witherspoon’s company is going to produce a movie version of the book, which I’m excited about. I’m reading Dark Places now, one of her previous novels and also a bestseller. It’s good too, but it’s not as exciting as Gone Girl.

So in conclusion, what I have learned from choosing my books from the NYT best sellers list is that American’s are mostly into porn-y novels or disturbing murder stories.


2 thoughts on “Beach Read: ‘Gone Girl’

  1. You should totally read Sharp Objects, her first novel. It’s twisted, addicting, and extremely well-written. Here’s all you need to know:

    1) The main character is a journalist
    2) Basically every other female character in the story is a betch. Yes, I know what a betch is.

    Get it. SO good. Hope your vacay was awesome.

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