2 things I don’t care about and 1 thing I do care about

Something I don’t care about: Kristen Stewart cheating on Robert Pattinson

Look at those slutty eyes. (Bitch stole my look: Who wore it best).

I was planning on avoiding talking about this, but it’s everywhere so I feel like I can’t escape it. The only opinion I have on this is that Kristen Stewart is an idiot – and not just for the fact that she cheated on my future boyfriend. First of all, she did the cheating with a married man who has children. Second of all, she issued a public apology about it. So, at the beginning of her relationship with Rob she refused to confirm that they were dating because she wanted to keep her personal life personal, but she has no problem talking about how she’s a slutty home-wrecker? If she wants to whore herself out to married movie directors, that’s her problem – I don’t really feel like she owes me an apology for it. But since she gave me one, I’ll just say: You do you, KStew; it’s fine with me. The sooner you and the boyf break up, the sooner I can marry him.

You’re being watched, KStew.

Something I do care about: Honey Boo Boo child gets her own show

If you have never seen the video of Alana, age 6 “beauty quaayn,” you are missing out. This little red-neck pageant troll is one of the most hilarious kids I have ever seen – quality entertainment from her chugging “special juice” to flaunting her belly to the camera. “Look at this big thang.” TLC caught on and decided to exploit this child and her family further by giving them a spin-off show. I’m so down for that.

“My special juice is gonna help me wiiiin.”

The second thing I don’t care about is the Olympics.


2 thoughts on “2 things I don’t care about and 1 thing I do care about

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