Skinny chocolate

Before my trip to Vegas, I decided to go on a strict diet so I could compete with all the beautiful people at the pool – people aren’t always so beautiful even in Vegas. In any case, I cut out fattening food 100% for 2 months. I stopped eating any kind of junk food, potatoes, bread except for whole wheat pita, pasta, cheese, you name it. My only treat was a small square of dark chocolate a day.

Mmm, dinner

When I got back from Vegas I reintroduced all the good stuff, but I did it a little too eagerly. So I’m back on my health food diet with a few more allowances than before – a cookie here and there….late night Chinese food (woops). But I just can’t get by on one small square of chocolate a day, so I’ve been trying out some of the gimmicky diet brands like Skinny Cow. I’m usually skeptical of these kinds of foods, but I’ve found some good ones.

Skinny Cow candy: I’ve bought the “Heavenly Crisp” bar a few times when I’m out running errands after work and feel like I’m going to faint from starvation. It’s just a chocolate coated wafer cookie and it doesn’t taste like a diet food at all. The “Dreamy Clusters” are like a turtle chocolate, and they taste a little more diet-y. But they’re more satisfying if you’re really craving candy.

Frozen Yogurt bars: The first kind I tried was Jala and it was really good. It taste’s just like a regular fudge pop. The next time I bought them I went for the TCBY brand because it has less calories, but I didn’t like them very much. They are too tangy-tasting for chocolate, but I bet they would be good in a fruit flavor.

Finally, I tried Skinny Cow fudge pops, and they’re okay. They aren’t frozen yogurt; they’re some sort of whipped faux-ice cream made from a ton of ingredients. I probably won’t buy them anymore because I’d rather know that I am eating yogurt instead of artificial ice cream. The Weight Watchers brand is similar – same calories but chewier and more filling, almost too filling.

Anyway, I’ll let you know if I get fat eating this stuff.


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