No Doubt’s back

I am the worst fan ever. Somehow I failed to be aware of the new No Doubt album coming out!

I have a suspicion it won’t be very good because while I love No Doubt, Rock Steady wasn’t exactly genius. But I’m still very excited. No Doubt might be my favorite childhood band – I was obsessed. They trumped Hanson, Jewel and even the Spice Girls in my book when I was little. Also, if I could be any famous person, it would be Gwen Stefani. I don’t usually think people are “cool,” but I just think she’s really cool….

Still cool

And, the No Doubt reunion concert was probably the best concert of all time – might even top the Spice Girls reunion (yes, I live in the past).

Reunion 2009

Anyway, the video for their new song “Settle Down” comes out Monday, which means I’ll be watching it online Tuesday morning because who even watches music videos on TV anymore? While I wait in anticipation, I’ll give you my top 5 No Doubt songs:

5. NewReturn of Saturn

4. Happy Now – Tragic Kingdom

3. Just a Girl – Tragic Kingdom

2. Sunday Morning – Tragic Kingdom

And the #1 spot goes to “Don’t Speak.” Yes, it’s the obvious choice, but it’s not only my favorite no Doubt song, it’s one of my favorite songs ever.

1. Don’t Speak – Tragic Kingdom

*Honorable mention: “Too Late” instrumental version – a hidden track on Return of Saturn


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