Sounds of childhood (kind of)

This is a good movie for 11-year-olds, right?

I was in H&M last night anxiously awaiting my verdict from the sales guy (they did not have my size), when a familiar song came on. I was brought back to the summer my cousin Maggie introduced me to “These Days” by Nico, an old song that she had discovered on The Royal Tenenbaums soundtrack. Unfortunately it wasn’t actually that song playing – it was some rap song sampling it, but it made me think about what a weird kid I was.

I had normal tween obsessions like glitter nail polish, Hanson and the Spice Girls. But I also had an odd streak. I would listen to that Nico song on repeat and watch the computer screen saver that would change shapes according to the music (remember?). I would also do this with the song “Playground Love” by Air, which brings me to my morbid tendencies. I liked “Playground Love” because it was the theme from the movie The Virgin Suicides – one of my favorite movies to rent for sleep overs with my best friend…appropriate.

I give you 2 bizarre theme songs to my childhood:


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