Happy first day of summer!

Duxbury, MA

It’s officially summer, and it came with a massive heat wave – which is fine with me. I’ve been mentally prepared for summer since last September, but there’s a couple key things that need to be taken care of by the first day of summer:

1. New bathing suit, duh. The big thing this year is structured tops, but there’s a fine line between bathing suit and bra when it comes to these. There’s also a fine line between what I will and will not pay for a bathing suit top, and unfortunately Vicki’s $50 tops are no where near the line. But I found a good non-bra looking one at Target for $20. Go get one!

2. Hot pink toes. I don’t usually go glow-in-the-dark on my nails because I feel like it’s a little aggressive for everyday. But anything goes with toes. Try Orly nail polish; it’s less expensive than Essie and OPI and just as good in my opinion. Oh, and do your own nails; mani-pedis are for bad days and special occasions (unless you have nasty feet).

Happy summer, lades!


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