‘Most Talkative’

I read Andy Cohen’s Most Talkative for two reasons: because I love Bravo and Andy, and because I basically want to be him, so I thought this book might offer some insight.

Andy loves his book

I would definitley recommend it to any Bravo fans. It’s a super easy read, and it’s very funny. I was hysterical at his letters home from camp: “Dear Mom, I think I am having the worst time ever. Love, Andy.”

However, as far as any industry secrets and tips on how to make it, here’s what it taught me: your dream job will come to you like magic. Um, false. So he never actually says that, and I’m not saying he didn’t work his ass off to get where he is, but it seems like everything he wanted career-wise just happened. He wrote a letter to Susan Lucci’s publisher in college and got an interview with her, then he got a CBS internship in NYC, which turned into a job and so on and so on. He practically had to wear his graduation gown to cover the Tony Awards that’s how fast he got all these jobs. And it’s not only him; his friends had magical luck too. His best friend landed a job representing Tyra Banks in her early years and then went off to work at VH1 – all right after college. Andy, I want a follow-up book that tells us who and what all your secret connections were!

I forgot to mention there are pictures in the book too…

Well anyway, besides the fact that it made me jealous, I really enjoyed reading the book. My favorite parts were the ones that involved Andy’s mom, who is the best mom in the world. I also love that he called his housekeeper Blouse. And the behind-the-scenes chapters about the Housewives are also very interesting. All in all, take this book on vacation or something. It’ll make you laugh.

Oh, p.s. not to be obnoxious, but I found a couple typos. Woops, just saying.


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